Wingsuit with a Zulu?

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This is a weird thread...
Highly experienced wingsuit pilots (like the Squirrel coaches) don't fly Epicene and Horizon because they don't know how to properly deploy their canopies, they do it because the openings are a lot better than on regular canopies, especially high performance canopies.

I personally used to jump a Pilot for wingsuiting but bought a Pilot7 after doing a number of jumps on large wingsuits since the openings left quite a bit to be desired.
I would say both the Epicene and Horizon are better for wingsuit specific purposes, but they are certainly no beasts when it comes to canopy performance. The Pilot7 and WinX are a nice middle ground if you don't want to have two canopies.

Personally I would never jump a HP canopy with a bigger wingsuit, probably not with a small one either.
I don't jump wingsuits to do an awesome swoop, I jump wingsuits to fly the wingsuit.

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As I progress (albeit slowly), I am certainly beginning to appreciate the advantage to a wingsuit specific canopy installed in a second rig. Now, if only money were falling off of trees...

I'm still jumping beginner/intermediate suits, and getting by with my Pilot 150, but if and when I move onto anything 'big', I'll have to figure out something different.

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