Beginner friendly wingsuit camp/boogie in 2016?

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Hi there!

I still have about 60 wingsuit jumps (Squirrel Swift 1) and I am having a hard time finding other wingsuit flyers around the DZs where I usually jump (small DZs in Brazil), so apart from about 15 coach jumps all of them were solo.

Since I'll have the opportunity to travel from september to december this year, I was wondering if someone could recommend me a wingsuit boogie/camp where they welcome new flyers and arrange small groups jumps, preferably somewhere in North & South America.

Blue Skies

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ZHills in FL has a pretty decent flock for novice and intermediate jumpers but might still be a little slow Sept-Dec (the busy season in FL is when it is too cold to jump in the Northern US). They have a boogie Flock 'N Dock, but it is usually in March.

DeLand FL is hit or miss, lots of coaching going on but not a lot of novice/intermediate fun jumpers. The regulars are usually jumping very large and fast suits.

There is a small boogie in Lake Wales FL called She's Got Wings that is usually in late Oct or early Nov.

There are also a lot of other dropzones all a few hours away from each other in FL (just do your research, lots of fun jumper dropzones but also a lot of tandem factories, for instance, don't go to Titusville FL).

I've heard nice things about the north west/west US but haven't jumped there myself so I don't know.

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Hey, thanks for the tips! I did my FFC in Deland. Great people there, but like you said, it's a bit hit or miss during the week to find people to jump with...


I saw that one on your website when I was looking for events in Kolomna, Russia. Sadly I had already bought my tickets and arrived in Moscow about 1 day after the camp was over =/


Hey, I found some very cheap tickets to LA and the date of the AZ rally fit really well on my calendar. I am planning to arrive on Oct 29th and maybe stay a couple of days in Perris then drive all the way to Eloy for the wingsuit rally! Guess I will see you there! Thanks.

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