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Well I rescind my statement about making jumps in Glacier *not that I won't* Hopefully the NPS will change their minds about the recreation as well as the recreation changes its attitudes towards authority and the environment.

I'm not a skydiver, more of an aspiring wanna be. So I come to you, hoping that someone can redirect me towards some pictures or websites of BLM/USDA Forest Service mountains in Wyoming/Montana. That would be amazing.

I read in one post anything outside of the NPS it seems legal to make an "aerial delivery" if anyone can correct me on that, thanks.

Sorry for the Hasty post
Catch ya later

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I like to use this website called "Google". It's a search engine where you can type in things like "Blm Montana" and then see lots of websites with information. It seems like you're looking for BASE jumping information on a skydiving website as well. Go to basejumper.com where we can more appropriately troll you. Also, go do a skydive, it's the first step to anything you want to do.

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