Squirrel C-Race

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I think the most telling thing in the top 4 is you have 4 people who basically fly wingsuits for a living. Noah might be the best overall body/wingsuit/canopy pilot in the world, Julian probably is the most experienced wingsuit base jumper in the world, Jarno is one of the most active wingsuit skydivers out there, and Nate moved to chamonix to fly wingsuits full time a few years ago. Almost like the more jumps you have, the better you are at flying....

Was pretty impressed with Nate's 3rd place considering he only started skydiving in 2010.

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Julian and noah should fly with PF next year so that they can win with all three manufactures and settle the brand wars once and for all.

Lets second the motion for Manufacture magic for the next WWL:
PF Arrow Team composed from Round 3

Squirrel C-Race team composed from round 2

Tonysuit team for everyone else...or Tony could be making a rebound for next year with a new suit!
Check your ego at the door. Stay humble.

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