Husband and Wife Birds moving to Deland, FL. Need Help

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Hi! I am going to be working full time in sales for one of the major parachute manufacturing companies in Deland, FL. They would like me to start end of July.

RV park at Skydive Deland is completely full with a long waiting list and no openings anytime soon.

Wife and hounds need to stay behind in Phoenix, AZ to get the house sold and all those pesky details wrapped up. I need to find a reasonably decent and safe place to live for 6 months around the $400 / per month range to stay in budget so I can go to work and also scout out the area where my wife and I will move to long term.

I'm Googling away looking for RV parks or "Fish Camps" within 1/2 hour of Deland where I could take my 5th wheel RV . Does anybody have any inside track or anything place local you know about that may be small and not coming up on Google ?

Money is going to be very tight and single bed apartments are coming in at $600 - and simply out of our budget.

"Alternate" idea is to sell RV, pack up the truck and look for a room to rent which takes me to the sketchy world of Craig's List.

I'm a 47 year old, responsible, "boring" and stable adult. No drugs or partying. Married family man who is professionally employed and now gets to work in our industry !

If you have a room to rent at your house please send me a PM.

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