First FAI Wingsuit Performance World Cup

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At the first day of the first FAI World Cup Wingsuit Performance Cup, more world records have been set than at any previous point in wingsuit world history. Visit http://www.ppc.paralog.net for more information/results.

Espen Fadnes (NOR) set two records for the EU.
Marc-André Denault (CAN) set two records for North America.
Alexey Shatilov (RUS) set a record for EU/Russia.
Steve Holden (AUS) set two records for Oceana (Australia).
Jackie Harper (UK) set two records for Female, EU.
Simon Repton (USA) set a new record for Speed/North America.
Marcelo Zoni (BRA set a new record for Brazil.
Lori Butz (USA) set two Records for Female/North America.
Satyendra Verma (IND) set a new record for Asiana.

We now have a complete meet. We are not finished, but we have completed one round. Expect world records to be shattered tomorrow.
CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who is here, putting their numbers on the line, competing hard, growing, and making this discipline shine on an international landscape.

All results make be found at the http://www.ppc.paralog.net website. Scores are updated in real-time, so you can watch as the comp happens. We’ll resume at 0700 tomorrow morning. Show your support for your friends, teammates, and wingsuit family by taking a few minutes to see their results in Google Earth 3D.

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Argh. Copy/paste from a word doc didn't work so well. Chalk it up to late-night...
Day two; Two rounds in the can and Round three begun.
More records set (and re-broken) today.
Spirits are high, but the wind grew higher for a short bit this afternoon, and by evening, clouds covered us in.
Looking forward to a big tomorrow.

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***Same suit must be used for all rounds of competition
In the event of damage occurring to the suit the judges can allow a second suit

Which I assume must be of the same model / type?

Yes. If the same model/type is not available, then the chief judge has the authority to decide whether the competitor continues or can present a case for a substitution.

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