8th Markó Mike's Wingsuit Boogie Hungary, 2way Artistic+Performance Ws,Wsr,Tr,Ntr Comp

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Dear wingsuiters, trackers and all flying human beings!

The Original Markó Mike’s Wingsuit Boogie Hungary is back! MBSE is organising 8th times one of the biggest and most hardcore wingsuit and tracking skydiving competition on planet, what will happen from 01-10th of August in Hungary, on different location in 2014! This year the event moves back to the place where all begun in 2007, KAPOS DZ, Kaposújlak.

- 3 events in 10 days!
- 2way Hungarian Artistic Competition: 01-03th
- Performance competition: 04-09th in WS (from 2014 intermediate category added!), tracking, naked tracking and ws rodeo
- The event will be combined with a Big Way Formation camp from 6th of August, resulting a huge skydive happening with different disciplines!
- From 6th of August 2 planes (L410-turbolets) will be provided on site
- Prize money of 1200 Euro in CASH!
- One free wingsuit and wind tunnel times will be drawn!
- presentation of performance ws flying: Helmut Tacke (GER)
- presentation of performance tracking: Rami Kajala (FIN)
- daily big way ws organising: Sebastian Nossing (GER)
- In case of good weather balloon jumps every morning and evening!

All jumpers out of competition and spectators are welcome on site; fun jumps are possible during the event! Details, rules and time schedule uploaded here: http://wingsuitboogie.hu/sites/wingsuitboogie.hu/files/hirfile/WS%20Boogie%202014%20-%20english.pdf

Hope to cya most of you on site, for any question please pm me or mail on [email protected]

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