The Perfect Flight

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Where can I see this series in full? I've looked everywhere but I can't tell what's what.

EPIC TV have something on YouTube (completely ruing with fast editing) then there appears to be other clips on the EPIC TV website. It encourages you to register to access the full series but I can't find it on the website.

Anyone? I just want to be able to access it all in one go.

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The whole series is available on YouTube via a playlist or as individual episodes.

Perfect Flight - Official Teaser
Perfect Flight Episode 1 - Wingsuit Flight Under Arm of Christ Statue in Rio de Janeiro
Perfect Flight Episode 2 - First Ever Wingsuit Flight UNDER Aiguille du Midi Bridge
Perfect Flight Episode 3 - Wingsuit Pilot Narrowly Escapes Collision w/ Gondola at Tianmen Mountain
Perfect Flight Episode 4 - Volcanic Réunion Island Wingsuit Jump
Perfect Flight Episode 5 - The Wingsuit Boot-Camp
Perfect Flight Episode 6 - BASE Jump Goes Wrong in Bangkok
Perfect Flight Episode 7 - Will Wingsuiters Find Perfect Flight in Technical Lauterbrunnen?
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