Things to practice on wingsuit

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I'm too lazy to type much.
-Learn to navigate.
-Practice flying slow, making the transition to flying slow, learning how to stop.
-Stay in 2-ways or very small groups until you can on-command, climb or drop in relative altitude to others without falling back in your slot.
Prove to yourself that you can have 25 flights without linetwists or other deployment issues before putting a GoPro on your head.
Have fun! You're in Orlando, LOTS of good WS'rs in that area.

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Here are some fun video tutorials - FLB
Here is a task list with things to work on, both alone and with other pilots - FLB

Much like freefly, you learn most doing solo and 2 ways with other (preferably more skilled) wingsuit pilots. Check here for some fun jump idea's.
I'm an Athlete?

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