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Hi All,
am a fairly inexperienced WS flyer with 40 WS jumps; 20 this year on a Phantom 3.
Have had no difficulty at deployment time and all openings on heading and seems OK.
But I would like to know if you have any advice on body position for deployment. I tend to arch and then drop my knees and then sit upright slightly so wash off all forward speed as I pull.
(Spectre 170) 1950 jumps total. Tried to watch as many openings as I can on vimeo etc but anyone know of any instruction videos?
I will ask WS coach next time I go , but any help appreciated.

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I was taught, arch, legs together, feet together, feet on butt, arms against my sides, pitch, stay small, fly on your belly, and wait for inflation. I also have been pulling my legs up with knees slightly toward chest as I am stood up.

It sounds like you have working system already.
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My personal technique ... at break-off I slowly increase performance until at/near max, flair, and then prior to "stall" I wave-off, bring knees up, legs together, arms to sides, pitch, and then hands to chest (so that during line twists I can reach the risers and attempt to keep them level or during a malfunction I can reach my cut-away and reserve handles).

There are faults to this such as pitching at/near max (extra speed and hard opening) or after "stall" (no speed and no/slow opening).

PS: Remember to keep your head on a swivel during break-off and check the airspace below and ahead of you while flying and behind and between your legs before pitching.
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