4 Way Docked Wingsuit [email protected] Skydive Elsinore/Chicks Rock

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Chicks Rock! Literally.
Andreea Olea, Shellie Anderson, Cate Heneghan, and Kristina Keifer set the first Docked Wingsuit records in USPA history.
In one jump, they achieved:
-National Docked Record
-National Women's Docked Record
-State Docked Record
-State Docked Women's Record
and just to round out the weekend score, they took off the wings and participated in the WSCR record (Women's Star Crest).

Very sweet achievements; congrats, ladies!
See the video:

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Well done ladies but I'm afraid we beat you to the docked line at FlocknDock 7 (2011).

5 Way docked line picture here, there is also a cool video by Matt Shroyer here: www.skycanyonws.com Flock & Dock 7


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Relax, relax, nobody is claiming this is the biggest docked formation ever built!
It is only a record in the USPA recognition sense.

For those who are not aware, USPA started accepting docked records since the most recent BOD meeting (summer 2013) - thanks Zach S for all the efforts in making docking a thing.

The 4way at Chicks Rock is a starting point in setting official USPA records.

There were certainly earlier formations, just no actual uspa record submissions because it wasn't an accepted category at the time, cause we were all too busy fighting over which grid works best :)

Your 5way line from flock n dock is still awesome. You didn't "beat" anyone though. There was a much earlier 5way done in Spa quite a few years before flock n dock 7... this one here: http://screencast.com/t/GqEJIxlgVGh

**edited to add details:
2008 - Skydive Spa, Belgium - the first 5 way docked line of wingsuits is flown by Patrick de Guilebon, Tristan Whitmarsh, Jeff Nebelkopf, Jarno Cordia and Kristina Boole
(source: flylikebrick's wingsuit history page)

There have also been bigger ones done during the "flock u docked challenge" online comp... I think there was a 6way or 7way including some foot docks too. Really cool stuff!

Don't think those can retroactively be claimed as records since you technically have to declare the formation before you build it all that bs first... I think? Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

But even so, I'm sure the this initial 4way can easily be broken, at least the co-ed one (planning to get a whole bunch of ladies tends to be harder, though also not impossible) and we were actually trying to do so that same day.

The interesting thing will be to see what number we reach before things start to get really tricky and we need to develop new techniques for flying these docked formations in a more stable way.

Meanwhile, go break more records! Flock n dock this spring, anyone? anyone?

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to continue on the topic of what's been done historically in docking... I found some 6way pics:

And I'm pretty sure I recall seeing either a 6way or a 7way from Purple Mike's crew over in Texas, but memory fails me and the web page no longer exists.

It will be cool to see what configuration the next record formations will have.

Leg/foot docks tend to be harder, but ultimately we can only make a hand to hand line so long until it's way too unstable.
Getting a docked 4way diamond seems the likely key to going bigger.

Speaking of which... Anyone know of any completed docked 4way diamond that is entirely belly to earth?
I recall a really cool one from the Defy Gravity guys in Russia a couple years ago, where the base was backflying. Just curious if there are more out there.
Getting that solid piece flying consistently will be one of the biggest challenges in getting bigger and bigger docked wingsuit formations.

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