Attention all Apache & Rebel customers

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Due to the recent incidents involving accidental reserve parachute activations on modified Apache / Rebel wingsuits we are now offering a skydiving modification to Apache and Rebel customers.

The Apache and Rebel are the highest performance suits available on the market and were specifically designed for BASE jumping, enclosing the parachute harness inside the suit to improve aerodynamic performance.

Some customers have been modifying their suits so they can be used with a skydiving parachute system, exposing the emergency handles through the front of the suit. Such modifications are not recommended by TonySuits.

The factory modification involves installing two double slider zips for the harness to sit on the outside of the suit with the emergency handles in their standard positions, as shown in the photos attached.

The modification will be performed for free* to existing customers, for all new orders this feature will be an option. * excluding shipping.

If you intend to skydive with your Apache / Rebel please contact us to arrange this skydiving modification to be performed on your suit.

40343 Air Time Ave • Zephyrhills, Florida, 33542
phone: 813.788.4753 • fax: 813.788.7112
www.tonysuits.com • patty@tonysuits.com

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