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ok so i did search the forums for AOA and wingsuit AOA, and all i could really find were some threads on atmo as preparation before wingsuit flying, so im gonna ask my question

in tracking lately, i went from doing nothing but flat tracking, to slightly bending at my hips, which gives me a massive speed boost and seems to make my tracking more efficient without sinking......

does this technique go the same for wingsuiting, if you are trying to get maximum forward speed while not sinking out of the sky?

if you are in a de-arched position flying your suit, and you slightly bend at the waist to tilt downward, will it increase speed and lift?

gravity brings me down.........

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To gain max fwd speed and gr you will have to increase your sink. If you are finding you can increase fwd speed without increasing sink or even decrease sink all you have done is stopped flying your suit in a stall and discovered the suits min sink, max gr is further along 4-6deg aoa and max fwd further still. Most dont find it cause they just cant give up that slow fall rate i mean really its all most have to measure their performance and nothing screams poor flight like a high fall fate right?

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