Gary Connery's Wingsuit Landing in Boxes

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I'm a long time wingsuit freak...the day after Gary's jump, I show up at the DZ with my own new megasuit... and I was offered a box of triscuits to land on before I'd even dropped my gear. I was then offered other cardboard boxes all through the day, and assistance in piling them up in the field if I wanted. Its nice to have friends, they help you with your gear.
Live and learn... or die, and teach by example.

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I don't know why people get so offended by mikes question?

Judging by the amount of people who have already answered, it is obvious that there are some people out there who believe that his poll is not that damaging or tasteless.

I can tell by my own experience that getting involved in high stress projects like this, questions like the ones mike is posting are not that far off. We height the possibilities and the ones mike has presented are not far off.

I really think people should apply some vagisil extra strength and try to answer the poll and stop being such trolls.


It fairly simple we all understand the risks without petty polls, its not about trolling if you new me you would understand that. I jumped from 30000ft in 2004 with an very new wingsuit big wing design which was sketchy to fly at times and my O2 exhaust system froze and I lost feeling at my hands by 14,000ft. However I new the risks weighed them up and we made a successful jump. However when you make those decisions they are very personal decisions, I jump for me not for fame or fortune or publicity. So those decision are mine having randoms look at a poll and try to judge those decisions from a usually uninformed perspective ass nothing. Secondly when people make these kind of jumps your included those closed to them relatives girlfriends wives dont tend to hear about or come across polls asking whether their loved one will survive be paralysed etc.

So all I was saying is think before you post, your opinion is yours, but sometimes thinking about how it might affect others including loved ones takes a little bit of a different perspective other than your own. having worked previously as an air accident investigator at the sharp end dealing with relatives if things had gone wrong would be tough enough without a nice little poll that said I told you so.
Dont just talk about it, Do it!

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