Alien wingsuits?

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No it's not a moot point. The point is that exiting with open wings in a large suit can cause an accident. A little more open, aircraft still slightly climbing, lower tail, lighter jumper, lots of things could make this a real problem. When a pilot mentioned that he thought I was too close to the tail on exit I took it seriously even though from my perspective I had plenty of room. Staying closed for an extra second might cost 30 feet of altitude but gains an enormous safety margin. Even if you don't hit the aircraft the DZO might still ban wingsuits if the pilots complain.
Sometimes you eat the bear..............

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Yeh what he said, very fast forward, stable on its back. Not as floaty as a tony suit, not a nimble as a Sfly or Phoenix fly suit but very fast forward. I have 3 jumps on the G5/7 prototype hybrid thing handing up in the Zflock shack.

I demoed a G7 (I think that's what it was). I agree with most of what has been written already, but I'll add that I found the pressurization excessive to the point that the suit was almost rigid. This, coupled with the double wing zipper attachment made it quite hard to adjust wing position. The pressurization also made it hard to pull the arms in at deployment time.

On the other hand, you could almost go completely limp inside the suit and it would still maintain its shape and fly straight ahead. I expect it would be good for long duration flights without getting tired.

Certainly it is nicely engineered with some neat features.

The only sure way to survive a canopy collision is not to have one.

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