Orientation of my lazy bag. video question

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I just installed a lazy bag, and will begin jumping it when my DZ opens next weekend. I will be almost exclusively wingsuiting this season.

If some of you experienced guys have a minute, watch my short video/question about the orientation of my lazy bag, and please share your thoughts.



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Disclaimer: I do not jump a "lazy bag" so my advice may be worth exactly what you have paid for it...

Thought #1.... Ask your rigger!!!

Thought #2.... Most of the wingsuiters I know pack "grommet up", in other words a 90 degree rotation from "normal". So, instead of having the grommet against the top of the main pack tray (ie against the reserve), it is facing you as you close it, and the grommet ends up against the closing flaps. It is actually 1/2 way between the two solutions that you show in your video. Since the bag is not square, the fit may be a bit different, but in my rig, it fits well, and closes fine. This orientation reduces the rotation that you noted, and seems to reduce the occurrences of line twists on opening. And it keeps the bag in an orientation where it tends to lift up and out, around the "lip" (bottom of the container) and not hang up on it, as you were concerned about with the 180 degree rotation. Your mileage may vary!

Thought #3.... ASK YOUR RIGGER!!!!

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I agree - put the vid back up.

I think this is a good thread for people (including riggers) to chime in on.

I've asked several riggers, fellow wingsuiters, and packers what they do, have seen, think is safe, unsafe, etc. Basically if you ask 12 people, you'll get 24 different answers.

After all that, I've tried all three configurations:
Standard (lines against bottom of rig)
Grommet up (lines against bottom of tray, the jumper's back)
Grommet down (lines against bottom of reserve)

I took video of all three from a helmet-mounted GoPro aimed at my rig.

The conclusions by rigger, me and whoever else was around to watch video was that "grommet down" was the cleanest d-bag extraction, most on-heading line stretch, and least hesitation.

That said, I use a javelin rig with wingsuit corners and the Vector semi-stowless bag, and extra long bridle. My old rig was a Vector Micron with the same style D-bag and the results were the same.

I'm sure someone will disagree with this practice. Truthfully, I still have the rig packed standard sometimes - especially when I forget to tell a packer how I want it packed - and I experience little to no difference.

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