TVIO ALERT! w/s on nat geo

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Wingsuit stuff was good.

Freeclimbing stuff was amazing.

The free climbing and slack lining stuff had me holding my breath, even though I knew the outcomes I was still awe struck and holding my breath until he'd clear those. Amazing stuff!

He's right too, things are moving so fast, it will be amazing to see where things are at in a year, two years, three years from now with WS's...

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I had never met this guy, oddly, as a wingsuiter. I do, however, remeber his slack-line and climbing stuff. I thought it was a super show. I really liked Tony Uragallo's contribution. Anyone who has ever met Tony will grin and laugh at his comments.

I was very glad that the other climber/BASE guy who definitely lacked the requisite WS experience bowed out on the actual jump. There are WAY too many non/under-qualified people out there these days who would have said "fuck it" and went for it regardless of outcome. This guy made no qualms about putting his young child and wife as first priority; respect.

Any older jumpers out there get a Greg Gasson vibe out of the star of the show?

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