wingsuit icing

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First reported case of icing while wing suiting: Jumped at the Ranch last Saturday. Thirty eight degrees on the ground. Had to go through cloud base from 6-5k. Realized that Cookie visor was frosted over when got below 5k. Pulled uneventfully. When I opened my visor I saw both leading edges of arm wings covered in rime/ice.
Kind of cool.

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I got that once about 7 years ago. Nearly solid cloudbase below, went to the horizon in all directions. Navigation was easy, was bright sun above.

In an old Birdman GTI with black leading edges, the freezeover was dramatically visible and looked like time lapse photography for ten seconds till my goggles and camera froze over too.

Coming out the bottom thinking "Hmmm, flying blind, here, not good..." the air was bathtub warm and everything melted off in seconds. Cloud was so dark that below it the street lights had come on already and all the cars had headlights on.

One of my more memorable jumps.
Live and learn... or die, and teach by example.

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