wingsuit rodeo questions/help

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first i tend to over think things ..lol
i searched didn't find what i was looking for
any hints on a good exit from skyvan ? just dirt dive timing on the ground ?
i have an r bird and the arm wings come down pretty far (towards feet) i know i need to keep her off the arm wings but where else can she go ? lay down on top of me/rig resting legs on the leg wing ?

seems like i should be most concerned with keeping her off the arm wings

im confident in both of our skills just want to get some opinions from people that have been in the same boat

any help would be appreciated .. i have about 100 wingsuit jumps 60ish of which are on the r bird

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Come to Spaceland Thanksgiving weekend and we'll teach you. Can probably get in 20+ skyvan rodeos that weekend :)

wish i could man i just got back from a base trip, my funds are um low .. lol :)

thanks for the offer though .. any tips ? suggestions ? should i use my intro instead of my rbird or just quit crying and try the jump lol:D

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Here are some good pictures showing a decent rodeo on an S-Bird, which has a pretty big wing. Photos courtesy of Skwrl on Smugmug (http://skwrl.smugmug.com/)



From them, she tries to keep her legs off the wings as much as possible, along but slightly outside my legs.

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There are a couple of ways to launch it out of the skyvan, some work better than others and the FF skills of the rider can come into play. The easiest one to start with is your typical wingsuit exit out of a skyvan. Have the rider hold the overhead bar with one hand facing the inside of the aircraft and the other hand holding the yoke of the wingsuit. The rider can get one leg up if they are coordinated enough to do all of this standing on one leg. If not, just have them stand as far back on the edge of the ramp as possible, heels hanging. Have the wingsuit back up to the rider and give a shake to the wingsuit when she is ready to launch. The wingsuit needs to really launch themselves backwards(not upwards) out of the plane and present as cleanly as possible. Don't be surprised if the whole thing goes head low as soon as you come out, as long as you aren't tumbling uncontrollably, it will level out and you will start flying.

Once you and your rider get better at working together you can try dives off of the tailgate and gainers but expect some interesting exits at first as it requires some very creative flying.

Hope that helps you get started, have fun and stay safe.:)

"It's just skydiving..additional drama is not required"
Some people dream about flying, I live my dream

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