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Unique, wonderful, amazing, good-looking, old, “French-Tandem-System” to sell!!!!

Unique, wonderful, amazing, good-looking, old, “French-Tandem-System” to sell!!!!


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I'm selling the rest of my beloved :xTandem-Riggs:x as we closed our Tandem Factory in Erstfeld, Switzerland in 2016.

(Due to new Regulation from the Government and mostly because I became tired of all the one nightstands with girls who became crazy after a tandemjump)

è And yes, I’m late with selling it… For reasons. I mean, who likes to work?
And guys, my English is a nightmare. However, I’m not happy to learn it better and I cant afford a translator… So shut the fuck up and read this once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity till the end!:

I’m selling this 2 ugly Atom Riggs:


Atom Rig Blue:
            Cypress is ok till 2020
            Emergencychute: 1 time used. (with a big, fat Russianguy and myself… The chute can carry way’s more than you would believe. Jesus!)
            IKARUS Tandem 280 sqm, 290 Jumps (bought 2015). In a good condition. (This is actually the only real value of this outstanding package)

Atom Rig Black
            Cypress is ok till 2018
            Emergencyparachut: never used

BT 80. Old. Ready for garbage.

Both Containers:
Can still be used. But I mean, it’s a French system. And they are old. I guess about 20 years. It’s a great system for Adrenalin Junkies. You never know if it works… Bud hey, this keeps the tandem-master job interesting!

And guys, if you buy it within the next 14 days, there are 2 Altimeters, Paragums, a nude foto of my affair (she’s hot and is absolutely not happy with my offer. So you would have to keep it as a secret), an electronic wind-messure-tool and a big, red “landingcross” included. (Its my brand on it… “Exclusive Adventure”. Never mind.

This package can be bought for only 2’900 $. Incl. shipping.
Or if you’re a girl for only one one nightstand (I became old and fat. No easy task… on the other side, it wont take long)
Or even for free if u do a Tandem with one of the atom-riggs and my mother in law.


Videos of the parachutes: You can see me and the wunderful black rigg  with the BT 80 in the first video.

  1. Watch the second Video. at 1 min. 05 you can see the icarus landing. good chute! 





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