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Javelin Odyssey TJNK C-19 For Sale Like New SN:37575

Javelin Odyssey TJNK C-19 For Sale Like New SN:37575


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Selling my turn rig. It's a Javelin Odyssey TJNK C 19. Barely ever jumped it. 200 jumps on the rig and it shows that way. It's in incredible condition. Cordura looks great. It is fully equipped with a Skyhook, stainless steel hardware, fully articulated hip and chest rings, cloud leg pads, Sun Path back pad, freefly pud, semi stowless deployment bag, and more. Never jumped in water. I am 5' 10" 185 and the rig fits me great. Can go up or down size wise. I have attached a canopy compatibility chart from sun path. In summary, this container can be jumped with a non crossbraced main as big as a 170 and a crossbraced main as low as a 96 with hybrid sail. With regards to reserves 126 - 135 F-111 or 143 Low Bulk. Manufacture date is November 2011. Exact measurements are as follows: Yoke C, Harness 19-1.5, Lateral 23, Legpad 24. Message me for any further questions. 

Miami, FL


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