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Javelin Odyssey + Pilot 150 + Smart 150 + Cypres

Javelin Odyssey + Pilot 150 + Smart 150 + Cypres


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It is 100% FREEFLY FRIENDLY rig. This rig will come disassembled & currently not packed with either main or reserve canopies. Harness size:  Yoke: C Main Web: 18’ Laterals: 20’ Chest Strap: 20’ Leg pad single piece: 34’. This rig best fit 5'9" - 6'2" (depends on the torso though) medium build individual. Just only handful of jumps on this container – it’s in mint condition, clean and looks/feels brand new. No damage of any kind. It’s navy blue with navy blue harness and leg pads. Burgundy pop top and burgundy&navy Javelin pattern stripes on the main closing flap – nice looking colour combo. Owner quit the sport long time ago.  Embroideries: Jav Odyssey logo (burgundy) – both side walls;  Jav Odyssey logo (burgundy) – left 3 ring cover*******************************CONTAINER: Javelin Odyssey TJNK, DOM 2004 • articulated chest & leg straps • cut in laterals • spacer foam padded laterals, back and leg pads • RSL fitted • hook knife • narrow (type 17) chest strap • SS hardware • mini 3 ring configuration • narrow (type 17, 20’) set of risers, velcroless toggles and dive loops • burgundy cutaway handle • metal D-ring reserve handle • BOC collapsible PC with leather hackey(burgundy/navy) •AAD ready • 100% FREEFLY FRIENDLY.  All parts of the rig are included and nothing is missing from original configuration***********************MAIN CANOPY: Aerodyne ZPX Pilot 150, DOM 2018(navy/red). Brand new canopy, still in original plastic bag and never been taken out. Other main canopies are also available in 120 – 150 sq.ft range, just let me know your preferences and I see whether I’ll be able to assist*******************************RESERVE CANOPY: Aerodyne Smart LPV 150. Brand new canopy, still in original plastic bag and never been taken out***************************************AAD: Cypres 2 DOM June ’11. Unit had it’s 4 years check done and ready to be installed****************************************PS…..Pics available upon request. XL size gear bag is also available for extra $85.00

- United States


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