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Wings + Safire3 189 + Smart 190 + Cypres

Wings + Safire3 189 + Smart 190 + Cypres


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It is 100% FREEFLY FRIENDLY rig. This rig will come disassembled & currently not packed with either main or reserve canopies. Harness size (Wings classification): Yoke: XL, MLW: M, Lat: L. This rig best fit 5'11" to 6'3", 190 - 230 lbs solid build individual. This is A GREAT LOOKING CONTAINER WITH JUST ONLY OVER 300 JUMPS ON IT. Its solid black, black harness & legpads. Royal Wings pattern stripes on the main closing flap & binding tape throughout. Embroideries: Wings Logo (royal) – left 3 ring cover; Wings Logo (royal) – reserve closing flap; Wings Logo (royal) – both side walls********************************************Sunrise Rigging Wings W21 DOM 2004 • articulated leg straps • quilted back pad, lateral & legpads • wide (type 8) chest strap • 22’ narrow (type 17)-risers with hard inserts, velcroless toggles and dive loops • red cutaway handle • D-ring reserve metal handle • mini 3 ring configuration • BOC collapsible PC with leather hackey • RSL fitted • AAD ready. All parts of the rig are included and nothing is missing from original configuration****************************************MAIN CANOPY: NZA manufactured Icarus Safire 3 189 – royal/white/silver (exactly as per colour scheme attached). Brand new canopy – zero jumps/zero pack jobs & still wrapped in the original plastic bag never been taken out***************************************RESERVE CANOPY: 2006 Aerodyne manufactured Smart 190 reserve canopy. It's white. Owner reported 18 pack jobs and one deployment. It is in great condition. Comes with the set of soft links******************************************AAD: Cypres 2 DOM Feb ’09. Unit had it’s 8 years check done and ready to be installed(good till Sep '21)***************************************PS…..Pics available upon request. XL size gear bag is also available for extra $85.00

- United States


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