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4 x Vigil 2

4 x Vigil 2


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I have 4 Vigil 2's for sale all are V2.46, do not need any SB’s, and have not had live saves, they will require battery replace at their 10 year point.

These have come out of static line kit that I have taken off line.

Prices include P&P

Serial                        DoM                      Battery Due              Jummps.                  Price

22209                       Dec 10                  Dec 20                       232                         £560/$730

23159                       Mar 11                   Mar 21                       441                         £625/$820

24568                       Sept 11                  Sept 21                     1072                        £655/$860

25678                       Oct 11                    Oct 21                       701                          £660/$870

Higher Heath, Shropshire - United Kingdom


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Just curious if you knew what one of these cost ten years ago? Current model at 1190 usd right? With your lowest priced unit at 730 usd and half of its life left would lead one to believe that it cost twice that 10 years ago....1460 usd? Surely they were not. 



Unfortunately these are located in the UK and AAD prices are higher over here, currently a Vigil will set you back £1075 ($1408), 10 years ago they were still around £1000 a piece prices haven't risen drastically in 10 years.

The $ price also inclues delivery to the US.

Of course I am happy for anyone to make an offer :-)


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Pricing, imo, shouldn't be based on what you'd have to pay for a new one. 

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