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$3000 + Shipping | Javelin J1KS Odyssey | Cobalt 150 | PD 143 Reserve | Cypres 2

$3000 + Shipping | Javelin J1KS Odyssey | Cobalt 150 | PD 143 Reserve | Cypres 2


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$3000 + Shipping | Selling Javelin Odyssey J1KS w/ Cobalt 150 Main, 143 Reserve and Cypres 2

Container J1KS | D18 (All Black with Bright Green and Grey areas, Stainless and Articulated Harness) 

  • F-111 Reserve Canopy 143-150 
  • Low Bulk Reserve Canopy 160
  • Zero Porosity Main 150
  • Hybrid F-111-ZP Main 170
  • Low Bulk Main 170 
  • Crossbrace Main 135
  • Main Pilot Chute 33

Cobalt 150 Main (All Bright Green top skin and Grey bottom skin with Bright Green double diamond)

  • The Cobalt canopy is the result of 7 years of engineering and refinement by renown German and Slovenian engineers. The Cobalt is an exceptional computer-modeled and field-refined canopy design, possessing many technical advances that set it far apart from other elliptical canopies.
  • Cross Porting
  • Airfoil & Inlet Design
  • 2 stage openings

PD Reserve 143 (White)

·       7 cell 

·       F-111

Expert CYPRES 2 (Install 2017 almost completely brand new.)

  • Most commonly used model as it meets the demands of a wide range of jumpers.


Kaneohe , Hawaii - United States


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Part out? Interested in reserve and aad.



Depends on what the offer is, but yes I would be willing to part out. 

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