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NLE Infinity, Pilot 168, Smart LPV 175, Vigil II

NLE Infinity, Pilot 168, Smart LPV 175, Vigil II


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Northern Lights Enterprises Infinity I2.5, September 1996; Good condition, closet queen most of it's life. 

Aerodyne Pilot 168, October 2007 - 450 jumps; New line set at 375 jumps.

Aerodyne Smart LPV-175, March 2015 - 4 packs; 0 rides.

AAD Vigil II, January 2014 - 150 jumps; Original battery, check OK.

Stowless magnetic D-bag (original included).

PC new-ish - 25 jumps.

Fresh reserve repack.

$4127 includes domestic US shipping.

Renton, Washington - United States


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