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Vector EST 2 with PD 113R

Vector EST 2 with PD 113R


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Container is a Vector 2 EST 2. It has a 17.5 inch MLW. It has about 400 jumps total. I am the only owner of this rig. It was custom made for me (I’m a Master Rigger). I’m 5’10, 170 LBS. DOM is 03/98. The rig is very clean and has ZERO damage. Leg pads are upgraded to the thick comfortable leg pads. Velcro is in great condition. Sale does not include main risers, main deployment bag, or main pilot chute

Reserve is a PD 113R, it has 1 ride. It was custom colored and is white top and bottom skin with alternating red and blue ribs. Reserve is 100% airworthy.

No Main canopy or AAD

I realize the container is older and outdated. The price I ask is for Reserve canopy and parts (reserve freebag and pilot chute plus emergency handles). Basically, you’re getting an older AIRWORTHY container for free. So, if you want the container that’s just a bonus.

Price is non-negotiable, and again I’m a master rigger and gear dealer so please ask any questions about the system as I’m not shipping it to have another rigger look at it. I will offer full refund minus shipping charge if you feel it is not as described.

If you want, I will repack the rig and it arrive in date , just ask and ill do it free of charge


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