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Complete Rig: Flirebird EVO with OP143, PL150, Cypres 2

Complete Rig: Flirebird EVO with OP143, PL150, Cypres 2


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Selling my freefall rig due to lack of use. I got more into CRW (which I have a separate rig for) not long after buying it for freefly/wingsuiting, and have been on hiatus for a couple of years now, hence the low jump #s.

Firebird EVO container built Feb 2013, only ~100 jumps
Grey/Silver with a large orange exclamation point on it - safety first!
Size S (Reserve size ~126, Main Size 120-135)
Built for:
Height: 178cm 
Weight: 68kg, 
Torso: 51cm 
Chest: 95cm
Thigh: 67cm

Features: RSL, Hip and Chest rings, VFS laterals, Freefly cutaway/reserve handles with tube, 55cm (22") risers with dive loops and velcro-less toggles, 70cm (27.5") chest strap, freefly pud handle, hook knife, and the updated pin protector.

AAD: Cypres 2 (DOM April 2013 - overdue to be sent in for service)
Reserve: PD Optimum 143 (DOM Oct 2007)
Main: PD Pulse 150 - solid Orange topskin (DOM Jul 2010 - guessing around 400 jumps on it - I put only about 75 on it, and I believe around 300 when I bought it.)

I can add in an aftermarket magnetic d-bag and larger PC with tube handle for wingsuiting for an extra $100.

I also have another Cypres II DOM Aug 2011 that I can swap in that can be sent in after the summer jumping season.

Los Angeles, California - United States


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