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Javelin Odyssey Container RSK C-19

Javelin Odyssey Container RSK C-19


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Great Container always taken well care of, in excellent shape! Model/Size: Sunpath Javelin Odyssey RSK C-19. DOM: 05/2016 Jumps: ~1350 jumps
Options: Skyhook, 4-ring articulation (hip and chest rings), Molded SunPath Backpad, Spacerfoam leg pads, Soft Reserve Handle, Lower Lateral Configuration: Stabilized Lateral System (S.L.S.), Standard Front Riser Dive Loops
Originally Fit: Sabre2 97 OP 113 Original Owner: 5’11” 160-170bs
Currently configured as a left-handed throw out; we'll cover the cost of changing if you'd like it converted to right-handed.

- United States


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