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Icon I2 - Smart 110 2014 - 1000 jumps

Icon I2 - Smart 110 2014 - 1000 jumps


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I am selling my Icon Nexgen I2 from 05/19/2014 with the reserve canopy Smart 110 from 02/20014.
It has about 1000 jumps, 0 reserve opening and 4 packings.
Harness size : D-B-C-E for a man build between 1.70-1.80 m and 65-75 kg
Good condition, no AAD, no main canopy.

Harness size:
D=44 to 46 torso
B=86 to 89 chest
C=81 to 82 waist
E=76 to 85 leg pad

For main canopy from 104 to 117 ZP
For reserve canopy from 110 to 120

- France


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