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Javelin NJ + Tempo120 - w/ RSL, fits 5'8"-5'10"

Javelin NJ + Tempo120 - w/ RSL, fits 5'8"-5'10"


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Perfect turn rig for someone average sized who stands 5'8"-5'10" 
C17 harness

low mileage Javelin NJ that's fully freefly friendly

  • good BOC
  • velcroless risers
  • everything is in tip top shape
  • aluminum hook knife in the right mudflap
  • born 06/1998
  • includes Tempo 120 reserve DOM 1995
  • NJ container - maxes out at 120 ZP or 135 hybrid main

This whole thing is yours for a measly $950 - and I won't even charge you for the closing loops !

CLEVELAND - United States


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