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PERFECT WINGSUITING SYSTEM!! Sabre2 190 - Infinity - Vigil II - PDR176

PERFECT WINGSUITING SYSTEM!! Sabre2 190 - Infinity - Vigil II - PDR176


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Fewer than 200 jumps! System is in fantastic condition, used exclusively for demonstrations and competition. Documentation/manufacturer certificates will be sent with the system. Lay-flat corners on rig allow for safe lateral deployment of d-bag when tracking or wingsuiting. This is the perfect rig to learn to wingsuit!

$5,500 OBO



  • Container: VSE Infinity; DOM 12/2011; Size I-45 (fits canopies 150-190); grey/black/yellow pinstripe color scheme; sized for 6'0" individual; 170-200 lbs; Container features lay-flat corners (prevents d-bag from tumbling on low trajectory openings while wingsuiting)
  • Main: Sabre2 190; black/grey/yellow; yellow sport risers; DOM 1/2012; stowless d-bag perfect for smooth wing suit openings
  • Reserve: PDR176; NO RIDES; 5 re-packs total; DOM 1/2012
  • AAD: Vigil II; DOM 4/2011


Colorado Springs, Colorado - United States


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