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EVO Firebird

EVO Firebird


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I have a "fairly new" only jumped 5 times last summer, EVO Firebird.  With this I have a Rush 150 Reserve, never deployed, Cypress Changeable mode AAD, and your choice of Pilot 168 or Lotus 170. Complete system was assembled by a master rigger.  Both Canopy's are brand new and have never been jumped. Selling because both DZ's in my area have closed.  Now is a great time to buy a new rig without the wait.

The container is in excellent shape. I slid in on 1 jump in wet grass and it has some slight grass stains on the leg harness and side of the rig. Other than that it is perfect for the next person who doesn't want to wait for a brand new rig. 

I'm 5'11 and weigh 195.  The rig fits me perfectly. 

I'm in Kansas City, MO and will only sell this within the U.S. 

EVO Firebird- Mfg 8-22

Rush Reserve- Mfg 3-2022

Cypress- Mfg 6-22

Pilot 168 Mfg 9-22 or Lotus 170 Mfg 9-22

I'm selling the Container, Reserve, and AAD for $5000-  Current wait time for a new custom EVO firebird is 28 weeks. 

Each canopy is listed below.  You can choose between either canopy.

Pilot 168- $2100.00

Lotus-170- $2400.00

Kansas City, Missouri - United States


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