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Complete Mirage G4 for 6' 175lbs. 150 reserve, 135 main, Vigil.

Complete Mirage G4 for 6' 175lbs. 150 reserve, 135 main, Vigil.


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Complete Mirage G4 M2 rig for sale. Fits approx 6' 175lbs medium tall build. -2008 Mirage G4-M2. Soft handles, stainless articulation. No RSL lanyard but could be added. Approx 1300 jumps. Equipped w/ Axe brand Semi-Stowless D-bag. -2011 Vigil Cuatro AAD, 10 yr battery service complete. Expires 2031. -2008 Aerodyne Smart 150 Reserve, 11 packs, 0 rides. -2000 PD Spectre 135, ~1000 jumps. 1/3 life left on line set. $3300, Sold with a fresh reserve pack job.

This gear is being sold on consignment by the Action Air Parachutes rigging loft in Davis, California. All gear has been inspected by a certified FAA rigger before posting and comes with a 15 day money back guarantee. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs, PayPal fees, and CA state taxes if shipped in state. +1-530-753-2650.

DAVIS, California - United States


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