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Complete rig Wings W22 with 190sf canopy

Complete rig Wings W22 with 190sf canopy


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CONTAINER: Wings W22. Freefly Friendly. DOM: 04/2005, Serial # 3989. Suitable for main 210-190 and reserve 193. Estimated Fit: 5’9 – 6’, Average Build (myself: 5’-10” and 185# weight). Legpads. Hook knife. MARD reserve boost installed in 2018. Metal reserve handle. Dynamic corners modification.
MAIN CANOPY: 7-cell Triathlon 190 with outstanding performance and smooth predictable handling. DOM: Dec 1995, Serial # 157875. Approx. 450 jumps. New lines installed in April 2018 (725 Spectra) with 50 jumps on them. New pilot chute installed in June 2016. Slider. Semi-stowless D-bag installed in April 2018.
RESERVE: Performance Design PR193. 0 rides, 12 repacks. Color: white. Repack due June 19, 2019.
AAD: Vigil. Serial #27787. DOM: 11/2012, Serial # 27787

Charleston - United States


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