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Wings container, PD-193, PD-176R, alti, suit, no AAD

Wings container, PD-193, PD-176R, alti, suit, no AAD


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This is a complete setup minus the AAD, great for a newish jumper about my size (5'11", 160 lbs). I bought the Wings container (size W-13) new custom made in 2006, put 45 jumps on it through the end of 2007. It looks clean, no velcro and ready to freefly. The Cypress AAD expired long ago but can be included for a discount on a new one. I removed the AAD around the time it expired to prevent any battery leakage (I don't see any) damaging the rest of the gear. The reserve PC has been stored unpacked.

Main (PD-193 seven cell mfg 1992) looks good, no patches or damage I can see. I bought it in 2006 and jumped it 49 times. Unfortunately I don't recall the history prior to 2006.

Reserve (PD-176R mfg 1994) looks good and lines are very clean. It has been stored in the free bag and despite it's age has only 11 repacks and 1 jump marked on the warning data panel. Unfortunately I suspect the riggers didn't always mark the warning data panel because I don't see an X mark for my cutaway in 2006.

All have been stored in a plastic box in a garage under my house since 2007. It has been kept cool, dark and dry.

Part of the package: RW jumpsuit, weight belt, Altimaster III, never used main raisers that came with the container

$2400 or best offer for the lot. Pay for shipping to your rigger for an inspection and pay me after a professional has checked it in person.

I'm guessing you need to buy an AAD, get the reserve repacked, replace all the rubber bands on the main bag and you'll have a fine setup! Any feedback on the suitability of this gear is very welcome. Let's get this back in the air. Thank you.

San Francisco, California - United States


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