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Vector 3 V319

Vector 3 V319


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MLW 17in.

OSA +1

3D Spacer foam

hip rings


Just about every upgrade.  Totally awesome container.  Contact anytime 713-213-3291.  I had a Comp 96 and a Leia 89 in it and a 143 Optimum... but I'm pretty sure it will fit something a bit bigger or smaller... you'll have to contact UPT...  Im 6'1 175 and it fits me like a glove.  Container has about 500 jumps on it, never been wet and always packed indoors.  The colors absolutely pop and looks great with canopies installed!  I am also selling a Leia 89 with a brand new lineset if interested! (2000.00 - 500 jumps "Jump Oceanside" logo, orange and black... flies awesome!) Good luck


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