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No Sweat Parachute Packing Made Easy with Brian Germain

No Sweat Parachute Packing Made Easy with Brian Germain


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Learning how to pack a parachute can be the most difficult part of becoming a skydiver. The frustration that many experience in this process is so profound, in fact, that many people either quit skydiving, or surrender to the added expense of paying a professional packer. Although this is always an option, choosing to do something is not the same thing as having no other option.
World-renowned instructor, rigger and parachute designer Brian Germain shares his secrets to packing in an easy to follow format in this entertaining video that you will want to watch over and over. Multiple options are presented, along with clear explanations for Brian’s methods. Brian takes the stress out of packing, and guides you to a complete understanding of the subject. As one of the foremost experts on modern parachutes, Brian Germain is the perfect person to host this video.


Additional 1.5 hour Instructional Video:

"Principles of Parachute Packing"

2.5 Hours of Instruction!

               -No Sweat (61 minutes)

               -Principles of Parachute Packing (93 minutes)

Format: Download and/or Streaming

Purchase video here:!/~/product/category=7094902&id=37711064


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