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This H/C system was bought new and jumped regularly until 2017. Estimated Jumps: approx 850-1000. It has sat un-jumped since Nov. 2017. At that time, the reserve was sent to PD for re-certification, it passed and had new suspension & control / brake lines done,(un-jumped since). The Sigma harness/container was cleaned and also sent for inspection and re-furbishing. New lower harness & leg straps, including new padding. The passenger harness also cleaned and received new leg straps & new padding. Overall condition is Very Good, there are no torn sections of cordura, all the flaps are straight, no broken plastic or damaged grommets. The harness was well cared for and is in very good used cond., clean hardware, rings and the risers are newer replacements in good cond.  The Vigil II,(not original to this rig), was serviced in Feb 2017, jumped until 2018, then swapped into this rig, it is cycled on/off about once a month and can be used for about 1yr before service is due. . The main is a VT-360, in fair-good used cond. w/ estimated jumps:650+ It is on it’s 3rd set of lines w/ approx 150+ jumps, it opens clean, no turns in flight and still has some life in the flare, would serve best as a back-up or no wind day, (Yes I’ve jumped it and would do so again, as described). The reserve has about 10 deployments and I have used it twice, it opens consistent w/ other Sigma reserves, flys straight and has good flare. I’m a Master Parachute rigger w/ all type ratings, former Sigma TI for over 20yrs, until I grounded myself in late 2018 due to positional vertigo . I’ve resumed fun jumping since then but “retired” from Tandems. I was long overdue anyway.. 

SERIAL NUMBERS: 1) Sigma system, 49783, DoM, Aug 2009. 2) Pass. harness, DoM 2008.  3) Vigil II, 19692/V06-05, DoM, June 2010, Svc. date Feb, 2017. 4) PD/Sigma reserve, VTC-II 3603965. DoM Feb. 1999. Main VT360,Sigma-PD. Data tag faded.

* All intial contact and follow up through DZ messages to keep a full record of dialogue & terms. All payment in US funds from US banks. I do accept PayPal but buyer pays all fees. Invoice sent for goods services, includes pics, fees added to total & link to ad.

* If shipping is needed, all payments through PayPal ONLY, (Plus fees. NO crypto, venmo or bitCoin etc). The equipment is boxed and ready to ship. It is packed into 2 boxes because it is not packed for use. USA 48 only & Signature required for receipt of delivery. 

* Or meet at the DZ if you want to pick-up.


West Creek , New Jersey - United States


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