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Javelin Odyssey RSK Skydive Rig Immaculate Condition

Javelin Odyssey RSK Skydive Rig Immaculate Condition


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I have held off for many years, alas the time has come to sell all of my skydive kit. I have not jumped for more than 6 years, i have only kept it for sentimental reasons as i picked this kit up myself from the USA back in 2006. C-19 harness, when i had it made to measure i  was about 5ft10 ... 10-11 stone ish
At the time it was made i selected and paid for all options available to me. It cost a serious amount of USD
Space Foam back pad
stainless hip rings
soft reserve handles
fat dive loops
some Odyssey embroidery
Nice choice of colors for a timeless piece of kit
At the time i had installed a new Cyprus 2, in 2007 a year later, this is of course well past its sell by date now but still in the kit untouched.
Brand new PD106 reserve was purchased and installed in the kit when i picked it up from Sun path. Into the kit i put a used crossfire 99 and used this for over 100 jumps which i later sold. I then purchased an Aerodyne Mamba 90. I did about 50 jumps on this canopy , Jesus it was a different animal. When you let your brakes off after deployment its a feeling of when you first go down a drop on a roller coaster, it is mega aggressive. My life changed and ultimately lost the motivation to go to the DZ at the weekends
I must stress the only person who would be interested in such small kit would be a very experienced jumper.
Any questions welcome. The Mamba 90 is in red primary color with a white cell over to one side. I think it has one small patch on the tail professionally repaired. Out of all of the canopies i flew back in the day, this was by far the most aggressive i had jumped. This included the Stiletto, Crossfire / crossfire 2/ Katana i cannot remember many more. This canopy is fully capable of producing a very fast swoop landing in experienced hands. You will have to do your own research on this. The main canopy is still on its original lines, it has less than 200 jumps total on it, you can tell this when you feel the fabric, it feels and smells new. This canopy was very fast desent rate, and very responsive to harness in put, like point your toe and you are going that way. I must stress once again - only for experienced hands
The reserve has never been deployed, it has been repacked only 10 times including the original pack from sunpath when i picked up the kit in 2006 Zepher hills.
I have other kit which i will be selling including,
access wing suit / sand and black colour
bone head gunner carbon fiber helmet
pro track
2 rig bags, one military, one sky sports
jump suit in matching colors to rig, i was pretty skinny at the time 5,10 ish, about 10/11 stone.
Anyways putting it on to see if anyone is interested, if i cannot secure a good price for it, i will keep it for a cool man cave piece. The price listed is the price i want for it, otherwise i will keep it for the display cabinet!
Ideally with the value of the item, i would want cash on collection (Axminster ex13) or i could meet you at a DZ local to me, Dunkerswell. However i can ship to international buyers if payment is transferred and all sorted first. I am an experienced exporter with major courier services
stay safe!
- United Kingdom


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