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  • Helix 67 By Mahoni

    • $1,300.00
    13 days and 21 hours  
    Hi guys, anyone needs a Helix 67? I give it away with 1 new linesets and brand new lines already on it (400 Vectran both), after a logbook research 1056 Jumps on it, it got a patch in the centercell tail - Label area (label is still on it), it had holes from D-Bag, all professional done by a masterrigger. Flies and swoops amazing, I guess you can get 800-1000 jumps or even more with the new linesets and the condition of the fabric. for more pictures and details let me know.
  • Tandem Jumpmasters needed By SSB

    • $1,000.00
    29 days and 9 hours  
    Skydive Santa Barbara, Lompoc, CA Ocean View Drop Zone has opening for 2 Tandem Instructors, guaranteed $1,000.00 per week. Jumping from Supervan 900 Caravan and Cessna 182 or 206. Working 5 days a week. You will need legal paperwork to work in the U.S. (i.e.US citizen or green card) Sigma Rating required. Its a plus if you have a AFF rating. You will need to find your own accommodation.  
  • Experienced Packer By JCarr

    28 days and 21 hours  
    Skydive Space Center located in Titusville, Florida is in need of experienced packers.  We jump everyday from 15,000 and 18,000 feet out of a super fast King Air 90.  We finish early enough so you can go and enjoy warm and sunny Central Florida.  You must be a team player, drug and drama free.  Staff rental housing is available very close to the dz. If your interested email Jeanie at  No phone calls please as our phone lines are for reservations only.
  • Sigma TI and Packer By CapeDZ

    • $45.00
    11 days and 23 hours  
    Seeking an experienced TI and a packer looking to work the 2020 summer season on beautiful Cape Cod MA. Rigger's ticket a plus. $45 per tandem, $40 per video, $20 per pack job. We jump using Micro Sigmas and operate 2 Cessna 182s in pristine condition. Relaxing environment, excellent equipment, and fun people! Must be legal to work in US. Handicam a must Please call or email to discuss details. Chris 508 272 6329
  • Xaos-21 108 - Excellent Condition - No Damage & Never Wet By RiggerSG7

    • $800.00
    24 days and 16 hours  
    Asking $800.00 The Xaos-21 108 main canopy is in excellent condition (DOM: Feb 2004 / Jumps: 750) and has no snags, holes, or patches. The primary color is lemon yellow with 2 navy blue stripes (1 on each end) and navy blue cross bracing. It has had 3 HMA line set replacements in its lifetime. The most recent line set has 50 jumps on it and a new slider was installed the last time the canopy was sent in to Precision Aerodynamics. I am a Rigger (Seal: SG7) and have owned and cared for t
  • Infinity I-23SN - FULLY LOADED!!!!!!! By RiggerSG7

    • $950.00
    24 days and 16 hours  
    This Infinity container (DOM: June 2009 / Jumps: 50) has almost every custom option possible that velocity sports can build into a freefly rig. I'm a Rigger (Seal: SG7) and this rig was a backup that I purchased specifically for the 2009 World Games. After the competition, I dismantled the rig, bagged, and sealed it for climate controlled storage in my rigging loft at home.The rig has never been wet and has no damage. Asking $950.00. If you're seriously interested, I have additional picture
  • PD-Rs, Tempos! ALL sizes from 126 to 210 sq ft, GREAT condition, LOW cost world air-shipping, BEST DEAL !!! By skydiverek

    • $399.00
    21 hours and 30 minutes  
    RESERVES: ALL AIRWORTHY and MODERN! U.S. Master and Senior Riggers' sales references available, reserves in very good condition, reputable seller, your choice of payment method! From $399 USD! SECRET of the LOW PRICE explained below (text and LINK below, where you can see this symbol below:    ). Reserve brands IN STOCK: PD-RESERVES and TEMPOS. ALL SIZES from 126 to 210 square feet! Low-packs, too! Reserves are all in very good condition and approved, by the manufacturer and the F
  • J-3 container w/Raven 2 reserve By Logan.crawshaw

    • $450.00
    18 days and 59 minutes  
    Hi everyone, I am selling a Javelin J-3 with a Raven 2 reserve, two stow bags and two pilot chutes (one of them is spring assisted). I bought the gear to build my first rig about a year ago looking to continue with the sport after some time away but an injury is keeping me grounded for the foreseeable future and with the pandemic I don't know when I will be able to return. The container is an older model but is in great shape and the reserve has no issues and the lines look great. It was pitched
  • Sabre2 Dom: 12/2019 | 2 Jumps | 2150€ By Joshi257

    1 day and 13 hours  
    Sabre 2 in perfect condition with just two jumps on it. No contact with water or sand. Reason for selling: In my new rig fits at its max only a 140zpx. I'm also interested to swap. If you have a normal 120 or a 124 - 140 with zpx fabric just make me an offer.   Shipping only to germany and europa.
  • Icarus Safire 3 119, 129, 139, 149, 169, 189 By JeffBarlow

    • $2,390.00
    16 days and 13 hours  
    Brand new NZ Aerosports Icarus Safire 3 in most popular sizes are available. Distributors stock ready for immediate delivery. Sizes available: 119, 129, 139, 149, 169, 189. Each size specified is available in multiple colours as per colour scheme attached. Orders ship within 3 business days of receiving the payment.  
  • Icarus Crossfire 3 99, 109, 119, 129, 139, 149, 169 By JeffBarlow

    • $2,590.00
    16 days and 13 hours  
    Brand new NZ Aerosports Icarus Crossfire 3 in most popular sizes are available. Distributors stock ready for immediate delivery. Sizes available: 99, 109, 119, 129, 139, 149, 169. Each size specified is available in multiple colours as per colour scheme attached. Orders ship within 3 business days of receiving the payment.
  • Icarus Omega 169 By JeffBarlow

    • $1,599.00
    16 days and 12 hours  
    NZ Aerosports manufactured Icarus Omega 169 main canopy. Brand new distributor’s clearance stock available for immediate delivery. Colours available are exactly as per colour scheme attached to the ad. Not much else to add.
  • FULL Rig for sale! By Von

    • $4,500.00
    9 days and 8 hours  
    I am selling my full rig. Wings W11 - Serial # 12896 Navy with Red Stripes Options: Articulated, mid flap stripes, all pin stripes, cut in lateral, RSL, quilted back pad, deluxe stainless steel, collapsible pilot cute with hackey. Fits: 67-73 inches tall (170-185 cm) 170-220 lb It comes with a Stiletto 150 as a Main less than 300 jumps on the canopy, lines still in great conditions, and for the reserve it has a brand new Precision Aerodynamic Rmax 168. It does
  • 2 Sigma II rigs for sale. By skycaptain007

    • $15,000.00
    4 days and 23 hours  
    Two Sigma rigs formerly Skydive Chicago last year. $7000 each. Sigma Rig 06 Total jumps on system: 1015 Harness: DOM: 3/1/14 S/N: 58347 Main: Sigma II 370 DOM: 11/1/13 S/N:002362 Reserve: VR 360 DOM: 11/1/13 S/N:008033 Rides: 2 Repacks: 10 Repack Due: 01 July 2020 AAD: Airtec Cypress II Tandem DOM: 2/1/14 Next Service: 02/01/22 Notes: 9/20 Re-lined @ Cypres reading 811 3/23/18 I&R Cypres reading 715, Cypres 4 year check done 06-08-16: Re-lined Cyp
  • 1959 C-182B Jump plane for sale. By skycaptain007

    • $34,777.00
    4 days and 22 hours  
    This C-182 has everything for a drop zone. It has a certified step, door (that opens and locks up in flight), seat belts and a stol kit. The engine has a Norland conversion kit, 285 HP. The engine has 4 newer cylinders with low hours on them. The plane has been commercially maintained for decades. It has been audited annually and Transport Canada has audited it in the past as well. All CIDS have been kept up to date along with the AAD's. Total time is 9500 hrs, Eng is 1548 hrs on condition, prop

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