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  • Ultimate Canopy Training Video Package with Brian Germain By Bluefox

    • $99.99
    6 days and 8 hours  
    Become a better canopy pilot and skydiver today! This is the ultimate skydiving video package with training videos adding up to over 24 hours of training. Its a massive value and a great investment in your skydiving career! All videos are download and or streaming. You get: Parachute Flight Safety Canopy Video Course (8 Hours), Solving Common Landing Problems, Navigation and Accuracy Secrets, Taking on Turbulence, No Sweat Parachute Packing Made Easy, Principles of Parachute Packing, Skydiving G
  • New Infinity Velocity Rig with new Icarus Saffire 2 169 and PD Optimum 193 / Vigil 2 AAD By JGPDX

    • $6,550.00
    28 days and 11 hours  
    I custom spec'd this gear back in 2012 thinking my daughter, who was on the way, wouldn't miss me making a few jumps.  Well, now it's now and I've added exactly zero jumps to the book since her (and now son).   I jumped this gear maybe half a dozen times.  It's brand new.  Everything was custom spec by me.  The rig has a riser knife on the leg strap, RSL, Vigil 2 AAD, stainless steel metal, yellow stitching for easy inspection where applicable, mesh back and leg straps.  I tried to get the
  • Complete: Vector M3 + Sabre2 190 + Optimum 193 + Cypress By Air2mud82

    • $7,500.00
    12 days and 8 hours  
    Like-new complete rig, only 2 jumps! Container made for approx 5'11/180-190lb dude. All dates are inside 16 months (oct-nov '18).  Container:  UPT Vector M3 (Nov '18).  Skyhook RSL, Magnetic Riser Covers, Black Hardware, 3D Spacer foam (backpad, leg pads, stabilizers), variable geometry harness, louie loop risers, reserve soft handle, contrast stitching Main:  PD Sabre 2 190 (2 total jumps) Reserve:  PD Optimum 193 (0 rides, 1 repack Aug '19) Pilot chute:  ZP 27" (black) w/ L
  • Mirage G4 150 Sabre 2 140 PDR AAD By craigf3189

    • $4,500.00
    5 days and 3 hours  
    EXCELLENT condition 203 mirage g4, with Sabre 2 150 PDR 140, cypress AAD, speed risers (I think that’s what they are called), freely handle, hook knife.    This rig is state of the art. I have only put about 120 jumps on it since I bought it. (I only jump a few times per year). I have never once had a problem. The lines are in perfect condition. The Sabre 2 is a dream to fly.   I had the reserve repacked 3 months ago, and the AAD serviced 2 years
  • 1957 Cessna 182 A Parachute Plane For Sale -- Fresh Engine Overhaul By FalconAir

    • $62,500.00
    27 days and 2 hours  
    N9999B Year: 1957 Make / Model: Cessna 182A Serial Number: 34399 VFR (ADSB Out Skybeacon) Based at: KLWM ACTT: 5,800 hrs Complete Logs: Yes   Engine Make / Model: TCM O470L Engine Serial Number: 67338-7L Engine TSMO: 0.00 hrs Overhauled by: Unlimited Aero Engines   Propeller Make / Model: 2 bladed McCaulley  Propeller Serial Number: (will have to get this to you.  Propeller TSMO: 0.00 Overhauled by: New England Propeller  
  • Skydive Space Center needs Packers!!! By JCarr

    26 days and 4 hours  
    Skydive Space Center is looking for experienced packers.  We jump everyday from a King Air 90. We finish early enough in the day, so you can go an enjoy warm and sunny Florida. Staff rental housing is available within walking distance from the dz.  You must be a team player, drug and drama free.  Foreign visitors welcome.  If your interested email Jeanie at  
  • VSE Infinity Container I-34 Harness Black rings By zilvisbl

    • $1,590.00
    10 days and 3 hours  
    I bought this container brand new in 2014, it is clean and in good condition, put on about 400 jumps. I-34 harness. It is for a bigger built body, should fit someone 5'10"-6'2". Purchased at the Ranch pro shop. Time to downsize and get a smaller rig. 
  • Complete system By Troy Woods

    • $3,500.00
    10 days and 2 hours  
    Javelin odyssey mfd June 03 450 jumps, excellent condition. Custom built for me, I'm 175lb, 5'9 tall PD nitron 120 mfd. 2004 excellent condition 262 jumps, still slick.  PD PR143 reserve 0 jumps mfd. Nov 2002 Mars m2 multi mfd may 2018
  • 2015 CROSSFIRE 2 129 - FREE SHIPPING By HomeboyJones

    • $1,250.00
    8 days and 10 hours  
    DOM: 02/15 400 jumps on canopy and original vectran lines  Rigger inspected and approved. No patches, No holes label printing is fading as shown will ship within the US.   5413061269
  • Great rig, like new. Katana-120, Mirage G4 MX, Cypres, PD OP-126 Reserve By FreeFlyKevin

    • $4,250.00
    7 days and 3 hours  
    Great rig, like new.  Ready to go, for your season’s new rig (last I&R 7 Feb 2020). PD Katana 120, less than 25 jumps. Basically new, still crispy, fully elliptical nine-cell for an experienced canopy pilot.  Sporty fun with nice, soft openings, and a powerful flare (2/04) Mirage G4.1 MX, compact size and very comfortable.  (4/04) PD Optimum 126 reserve, no rides, small pack volume, flies and lands far more like a main (03/04) Cypres 2 DOM 1/14 Buyer pays shipping an
  • G4 Mirage M4, Pilot 150, PD Reserve 160 By BMHUMP21

    • $3,500.00
    17 days and 12 hours  
    MIrage G4 M4, Pilot 150, PD Reserve 160, Vigil II for sale Leaving skydiving for reasons, Need to sell. Would like to sell as a complete rig but not against parting it out I put 275 Jumps on the rig as a whole. Bought it brand new and was delivered to me in Oct 2015. Second owner of the Pilot 150 has right around 300 jumps on it. Lines are still in great condition. has one small hole in top skin left side of placard (circled in red) Multiple riggers have looked at it and
  • Skydive Cross Keys is hiring for 2020! By FFAdventures

    16 days and 2 hours  
    Skydive Cross Keys is looking for happy people to join our 2020 team!   ► Who we are: The best mid-sized dropzone, as voted by the readers of Blue Skies Magazine two years in a row!   We fly 2 Super Caravans 7 days a week over the summer. We offer discounted (or free) fun jumps for staff, swoop pond, bonfires, skill camps, rating courses, awesome boogies and a great family vibe.   ► Where: Williamstown, NJ - 20 minutes from Philadelphia, 40 minutes from the beach, 2 hours
  • Complete MicroSigma 340 Tandem rigs By userid

    • $11,500.00
    14 days and 8 hours  
    Recent manufacture (all components 2017 and later) MicroSigma tandem parachute systems with about 500 jumps complete with student harness, Cypres 2 AADs in great condition.  One reserve ride on each rig. Always packed indoors on packing mats. Recently relined with Vectran, or in some cases we'll reline the main before shipping to you. All rigs are shipped with the rigger's seal off, in great shape and ready to go to work for you after your rigger inspects and repacks.  Complete photos
  • Monterey Bay DZ Hiring By jackiepants

    12 days and 13 hours  
    BEAUTIFUL OCEAN VIEW (email: MONTEREY CALIFORNIA PREMIER STUDENT DROP ZONE website: Follow us on social: @MontereySkydive NOW HIRING: TANDEM-INSTRUCTORs for: FULL-TIME, SEASONAL &/or  YEAR-ROUND SKYDIVING   (please, with rating experience) (Pro-Handcam & Pro-Outside Videographer abilities and equipment always a plus (A+)) ALSO HIRING: PACKER/GROUNDCREW/VIDEOFLYER *

    • $1,750.00
    10 days and 12 hours  
    Original purchaser Nov. 2015. Less than 400 jumps. Relined and inspected by PD May, 2018 at 300 jumps. This was my second canopy  until a year ago and has been stored in my air conditioned home. Lemon yellow and blackberry. I always pack at my home not at dz. Beautiful condition. I'll pay shipping in US. 

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