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  • PD-Rs, Ravens, Tempos! ALL sizes from 113 to 282 sq ft, GREAT shape, LOW cost world air-shipping, BEST DEAL !!! By skydiverek

    • $399.00
    6 days and 20 hours  
    RESERVES:  All AIRWORTHY and MODERN! U.S. Master and Senior Riggers' sales references available, reserves in very good condition, reputable seller, your choice of payment method! From $399 USD! SECRET of the LOW PRICE explained below (text and LINK below, where you can see this symbol below:       ). Reserve brands IN STOCK: PD-RESERVES, TEMPOS and RAVENS. ALL SIZES from 113 to 282 square feet! (113, 120, 143, 150, 170, 176, 181, 193, 210, 218, 250, 282). Low-packs, too! Reserves are all in very good condition and approved, by the manufacturer and the FAA. No lifetime limit, no repack limit, and no jump number limit, set by the manufacturer or the FAA! Obviously, all have the U.S. FAA TSO certificates. All are modern square famous and respected brands. 7-cell airworthy square reserves in VERY good condition, with reserve connector links included! Estimated 2 jumps and 20 repacks on each parachute! Tracked air-shipping to most of the WORLD is less than you think! I airship world-wide for approx $55 USD. Shipping takes approx 15 calendar days world-wide. FULL REFUND, including ALL shipping costs BOTH ways, available if you or your rigger does not like the reserve for ANY reason! Please contact me with the form below (logon first). Only if you get a returned email error, please EMAIL me at: SKYDIVER.FLY123456@GMAIL.COM with the ad URL website address copied into the email message. See the *NARROWED-DOWN* LIST of *ONLY MY PARACHUTES* for SALE ! :
    Click the LINK BELOW, where it says the words:
    ' CLICK HERE ' --> CLICK HERE for a LIST of my RESERVES <--
  • Sabre 2 150 for sale By carlabrey

    • $1,900.00
    1 month and 16 days  
    Have 4 jumps on the Sabre 2 150. DOM is 6/2018.
  • 2020 Staff By KevinSpaceland

    1 month and 16 days  
    Skydive Spaceland Atlanta is looking for staff for the 2020 season. If you are a motivated team player, we have a sweet Dropzone and training program for you to turn regular everyday humans into super skydiving humans. Staff needed would include : Sigma TI, AFF, Videographer. We also need ground crew and office help for the summer months. Please send CV or resume to me at
  • AFF Student Vector/Navigator 240, 260, 300 rigs By userid

    • $3,900.00
    1 month and 13 days  
    Recent manufacture Student AFF Vector rigs with Navigator 260, and 300 main parachutes, and PD reserves. Includes Cypres 2 AADs, or else new Vigil 2's, your Choice. One rig of each size. Prices, photos and details are on:  Used Student Rig website Fewer than 300 jumps each, prefer to sell all 3 as a DZ bundle before January 2020. Packed indoors at Skydive Orange, VA, in great condition, and ready to go to work after your rigger inspects and repacks them. EDIT- We just sold our 240 rig for $3,900, but we have other similar complete student rigs in the following Student Navigator sizes for various prices: 220, 240, 260, 280, (and our 2013, 300 SQ ft. rig is only $3,600 because there's not usually much demand for those big rigs and it's older). Our list is changing. Check our link above for the latest, but we will give you OUR best price if you buy before the end of December: Email or call (540) 943-6587 (please leave a message and we'll call right back).
  • 2017 Firebird EVO medium By coltcrowe

    • $2,200.00
    1 month and 13 days  
    Made 2017 Firebird EVO
    200 jumps
    With RSL 
    Magnetic riser covers 
    Hip and chest rings Built for jumper 175cm tall, 85kg, 108cm chest, 81cm waist, 65cm leg width Full rigger inspection completed nov 19. also available with 2017 vigil AAD and Firebird rush 170 reserve (2 repacks, 0 rides) just the container: 2,000€
    Container, AAD and reserve: 3500€
  • Michigan RW Suit for sale By RKJ

    • $150.00
    1 month and 8 days  
    This is a nice Michigan suit for relative work that I bought used at a DZ shop and jumped maybe 10 times before breaking down and ordering one made for me.  As you can see in the pics, it's a little (ahem) snug on me.  I'm 69 inches tall, waist is 39 inches (really, not vanity sized, measured around the navel), chest is 44 inches, and I weigh 188 today when I put the suit on over t shirt and boxers.  it would work better for someone a little thinner, but otherwise the same height, etc.  It has booties, arm grippers, and inside and outside leg grippers (not sure what the inside ones are about, but hey, if that's your thing...).  It's navy, red, and white, and other than a little pilling on the cuffs, appears clean and intact (no butt-sliding marks or patches, no holes).  Oh, I wear a size 10 shoe and they fit well with a little extra room--could probably take a 12 without too much issue.
  • Javelin J3 with Safire 189 and NEW CYPRES! $2700! By RKJ

    • $2,700.00
    1 month and 8 days  
    I know, it sounds too good to be true, and it probably is, but seriously, it's a practically brand new Cypres 2 Expert! (that's like $1200 all by itself).  This exciting and NEARLY NEW AAD comes with a well kept but veteran J3 size Sunpath Javelin container (D18 lift web, fits me pretty well and I'm a moderately burly 5 foot 9, 185 pounds).  But that's not all!  It is also equipped with a Icarus Safire 189 all yellow canopy (DOM April 2001, actually pretty crisp, packs and deploys well, lines are okay, has a single patch on it) and a Precision Super Raven 181 reserve (saw it before installation, looked pretty new, DOM January 2001)!  As you can see, the container is pretty darn clean for a DOM of June 1998.  I had my local rigger replace the leg pads (the grungy originals are included--they were for someone larger than me and I could not get them fully tightened) and inspect and assemble everything so I would have a rig while my long awaited new Javelin was being built.  I bought this in July, jumped it at Summerfest and a few other places, and it has had no issues.  I have jumped it about 20 times since July, but now the new one has come in and I need to find a good home for this one.  Make me a deal--would be a good fit for someone about 68 to 72 inches tall, about 180 to 200 pounds.  Hit me up for information, and if you are near Georgia, you can take a look in person if you want.  Sorry, I'm too busy / lazy to part it out unless you are really flinging cash around.
  • NEW ATC2. 0 JUMPS By Musmaja

    • $1,200.00
    1 month and 6 days  
    Hi.  Im selling my ATC 2. Customized for me. I'm 164,5cm and 64 kilo. The suit is a bit tight on me, so it would fit perfect for someone a bit shorter. 0 jumps. 
  • Recent manufacture 500-jump tandem rigs By userid

    • $11,500.00
    1 month and 5 days  
    Three recent manufacture (all components 2017 and later) MicroSigma tandem parachute systems with 500 jumps complete with student harness, Cypres 2 AADs in great condition.  One reserve ride on each rig. Always packed indoors on packing mats. Recently relined, or in some cases we'll reline the main before shipping to you. We have at least 3 ready to sell now. For the best price ask about buying multiple of rigs paid for before 2020. All rigs are shipped with the seal broken, in great shape and ready to go to work for you after your rigger inspects and repacks.  Complete photos and updates are on (pardon the odd URL) and check the packing card photo for newer component manufacture dates and serial numbers. (540) 943-6587 Call any time. Please leave a message if we don't answer.
  • PD Spectre 135 By HeathAK

    • $700.00
    1 month and 5 days  
    PD Spectre 135 DOM 03/1997 Serial number 000932 canopy and lines in great shape.  $700 OBO  
  • Like New 2018 Javelin Odyssey By JakeChap

    • $7,500.00
    1 month and 4 days  
    Looking to downsize. This rig has been great to me! I have less than 75 jumps on her, fits a 6 ft, 175lbs body (extra room to go up/down). Solid beginner rig. Lines are still white and the main is crispy af.   Details: Main canopy is a Pilot 168 ZPX, Cypres 2 AAD, Skyhook installed, Reserve OP 160 (3 repacks, one ride). Complete system manufactured and assembled May 2018.   I am the original owner and happy to answer any questions. ***Price is negotiable, Also interested in trades (separate rig, audible, helmet, jumpsuit, etc) + cash*** Buyer pays shipping. Thank you! -Jake C.
  • TIs, Video, AFFIs, Ground Crew @ Skydive Cross Keys By FFAdventures

    1 month and 2 days  
    Cross Keys is a fast paced multi-turbine DZ in New Jersey, very close to Philadelphia. For the 2020 season, May through November, we are hiring full time and part time Sigma TIs, AFFIs, outside Videographers, and ground crew. We have a happy team, and we hire positive minded people who help make it even happier! You must be legal to work in the US, no exceptions. Please contact us at!
  • Stiletto 150 with Sun path Javelin container By ATDavid

    • $4,500.00
    29 days and 23 hours  
    Container: Sun path Javelin Model: J4 SN:6493 MFD: 01/1994 I comfortably jumped this as a 6’1 male   Main Canopy: Model: Stiletto 150 SN: MFD:03/1994 Reserve Canopy PD 160 R SN: 160R6404 MFD: 03/1994 Vigil Cuatro SN 55971 MFD: MaR 2018      
  • Great Big Boy/Rental Rig By RDGreg

    • $5,500.00
    27 days and 53 minutes  
    This is a great beginner/rental/big boy rig! I am 5 feet 9 inches (175 centimeters), and 250 lbs (113kg), with a 38 inch waist, and there is plenty of room to go up or down. Everything included currently has 345 jumps, and almost everything was manufactured in 2016, with the exception of the reserve which was manufactured in October of 2015. This rig has been great to me, and I am only selling for something smaller and there has been one previous owner. No damage or holes to anything, other than a slight repaired abrasion to one of the leg pads (the webbing beneath is fine). I am happy to furnish any other information via private message. Buyer pays shipping   Container: Wings 31 (RSL and Reserve Boost, Cordura BOC with PVC handle) Main: PD Navigator 260 (Dacron lines) Reserve: PD Reserve 253 (10 repacks, 1 ride) AAD: Vigil 2+
  • Icon sport I5, Vigil 2, Precision rmax reserve By terry.jenner

    • $3,200.00
    25 days and 23 hours  
    Icon sport I5, 600 jumps, DOM 05/12, built for male 5'6" 160lbs. 168 Precision rmax reserve, DOM 05/12, no rides. Vigil 2, DOM 06/12. Skyhook. No main. Will fit 170 main, I have also gone down to 139 main with no issues. Currently using a low bulk 130 epicene, but that is slightly under stuffed.

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