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  • Infinity Complete Setup By Greg Tiernan

    • $5,800.00
    29 days and 21 hours  
    2012 Infinity container , Fusion 150 main and Precision 150 reserve. This entire skydiving rig is in perfect condition inside and out. The main canopy has a brand new black lineset and reserve has never been used. Reserve was repacked by certified rigger according to schedule. Main canopy has less than 120 jumps. All hardware is black and has a Cobra buckle for main chest strap with custom strap wrap. Also comes with removable back pad.
  • Mirage G3 (M5), Saber 2 190, Optimum 193, Vigil 2 AAD By Machupo

    • $5,400.00
    26 days and 18 hours  
    Due to job related travel, I haven't really been able to dedicate the time to the sport, so I want someone to be able to enjoy this rig in 2021.  It is an extremely well-cared for rig that has been stored in a climate-controlled environment its entire life.  I am sad that I will become a rig-renter, but can't justify having such an awesome setup for only getting a handful of jumps every other year    Container: Mirage G3, Size M5 (fits me well, and I am 6'1", 200lbs).  Comes with a
  • Squirrel Funk for Sale By forteenerdaddy

    • $300.00
    3 days and 12 hours  
    Squirrel Funk for Sale. Like new. Made for measures weight 210lbs, height 5'9", inseam 33", waist 40", hips 41", chest 43", shoe size 9.5. Seller pays shipping in US.
  • PD-Rs, Tempos, Ravens! ALL sizes from 120 to 250 sq ft, GREAT condition, LOW cost world air-shipping, BEST DEAL !!! By skydiverek

    • $399.00
    1 day and 13 hours  
    RESERVES: ALL AIRWORTHY and MODERN! U.S. Master and Senior Riggers' sales references available, reserves in very good condition, reputable seller, your choice of payment method! From $399 USD! SECRET of the LOW PRICE explained below (text and LINK below, where you can see this symbol below:    ). Reserve brands IN STOCK: PD-RESERVES, RAVENS, and TEMPOS. ALL SIZES from 120 to 250 square feet! Low-packs, too! All reserves are in very good condition. No lifetime limit, no repack limi
  • [email protected]@K ~ VECTOR 3 ~ V350 ~ SKYHOOK ~ ALL OPTIONS ~ LOADED By RiverFly

    • $3,499.00
    1 day and 47 minutes  
    For anybody not wanting to wait 18-20 weeks for a brand new Vector V350.......... LOADED with all the options.   UPT website link to exact rig specs. I ship worldwide. Also listed for sale on eBay. Blue Skies
  • Sigma TI’s for 2021 season By Hugh2348

    • $40.00
    18 days and 13 hours  
    Skydive East Coast now accepting Resumes for 2021 season. -Full time and part time Tandem instructors - Hand cam experience -Sigmas containers - PD’s + Icarus canopies  -Tandems Only DZ ( staff jumps free with any open spot) -Competitive pay / staff house near DZ -Full time and par time packers $15 -Season duration April- November Family oriented DZ- No drama - drugs free environment Email resumes to: [email protected]       
  • Samurai 136 By dog00nuts00

    • $1,000.00
    13 days and 21 hours  
    Samurai 136 Airlock canopy hand made by Brian Germain with less than 200 jumps still crispy lines super cherry.  Not a cross braced canopy, the airlock design deals with turbulence like a champ. No worry of cell collapse, stall point is progressive and super predictable. Feels like a solid wing above your head.
  • Jump staff By KevinSpaceland

    6 days and 19 hours  
    Hello Skydivers, Skydive Spaceland Atlanta is searching for some staff for this new year. We can train you if you are close to a Tandem rating or AFF.  We need staff in these areas: - AFF I ($40-$50) - Sigma TI ($35) - Freefall videographer (Outside video)($35) - Office / Manifest (Part Time / Start at $10. Team players may be offered Full time salary job) We work 5 days a week (off Tuesday and Wednesday) to give staff time to get out and enjoy life. Cedartown
  • Para Gear seeks a Senior Rigger to Join Our Team! By Para-Gear

    7 days and 10 hours  
    About Para Gear Equipment Co. Inc.   Founded in 1960 by Lowell Bachman while he was still in the Army Reserves, Para Gear is the original Skydiving Superstore. A family business now in its second generation of ownership, Para Gear has grown well beyond its humble beginnings, with customers in more than 125 countries - from Australia to Zimbabwe. Para Gear also publishes the largest skydiving catalog in the world, currently numbering at 200 pages, and maintains largest skydiving equipme

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