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Tandem Instructor Course fee: (USPA/Manufactures rating)
500.00. Dollars.
** This includes USPA & UPT rating fees**

Gear rental and lift tickets for you and your passenger will be based on your DZ Charges.
(Paid to the DZ)

If the DZ is paying me directly that’s fine as well. Just let me know and make sure you know their charges.

EXAMPLE… FOR 10 JUMPS (Will depend on DZ Charges)
500.00 Course
500.00 Jump Tickets (Plan for 10 jumps w/ passenger)
250.00 Gear rental (Current local DZ prices apply. Packjob not included)


**** Pack jobs are not included. ****

USPA membership
Hold or have held a USPA Instructor Rating
Hold a USPA D-license.
Have a current FAA class 3 medical
Pre-requisites on the USPA Tandem proficiency Card should be signed off
(Items 1-8 if you are a coach and at item 1-2 if you are already a USPA instructor in another discipline)
Have a current SIM & IRM (no older than 24 months)
** Can have digital copy available from USPA website**
Tests USPA (Completed prior course and are all open book).

If you ARE NOT an instructor from another discipline take
the General USPA Instructor Exam located in the IRM, Appendix B.
& Tandem Instructor Exam

UPT / Sigma
18 years of age
At least 500 ram-air jumps
3 years in the sport
USPA D-license or foreign equivalent
Hold an USPA Coach and or instructional rating
Hold an FAA class 3 medical certificate or foreign equivalent
Sigma Test (new) and have a copy of the Sigma manual. (Manual can be downloaded on laptop or tablet)


2018 Instructional Rating Manual (IRM)

2018 Skydiver's Information Manual (SIM)

Tandem Instructor Rating Course Proficiency Card



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