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3 days of canopy coaching from top Aussie competitor Andy ‘Angry’ Woolf! 

All experience levels welcome, limit of 2 days per participant so we can share the love.
Coaching will include (but not limited to):
• High Performance
• Circuits
• Accuracy
• Landing techniques
• Canopy inputs
• Video debriefs

‘High Performance Friday’ will feature at this event – we’ve set aside a day for participants that wish to receive coaching on their high performance landings. High performance pilots are still welcome to sign up for one of the other days as well.

Angry has a wealth of experience competing in Canopy Piloting on the Australian Team and all over the world. With World medals and Australian records under his belt, he has the knowledge and experience to help take your canopy piloting skills to the next level.

Rego is just $35 per day for the course. Click here to apply


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