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    09 May 2019      11 May 2019

    Learn all the skills it takes to get your USPA coach rating with Dave Pancake.

    -at least 100 jumps and B license
    -Have the 80 question test from the IRM completed and signed off on proficiency card
    -Must have an up to date( no older than two years) SIM and IRM, both available in the CK store
    -assist in a ground school and signed off on proficiency card.

    Contact Pancake directly if you have any questions!

    Pancake - 856-404-5259 -
    Email Address Website

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    11 May 2019 12:00 AM      12:00 AM

    contact Derek Kramm to sign up, $50 plus slots and suit rental!
    Email Address Website http://www/

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    10 May 2019 09:00 PM      11 May 2019 02:00 PM

    Are you interested in learning more about 4-way and progressing to the next level in freefall skills? This 2 day introduction camp is aimed at newer skydivers who wish to learn more about competitive 4-way in a fun and stress-free environment. You can expect to:
    • Be matched with others to form a team
    • Receive an introductory seminar explaining all you need to know about 4-way and Blast
    • Get full briefs and debriefs of each jump
    • Have a dedicated camera flyer on each jump for comprehensive debriefs
    • Canopy flights and landings filmed and debriefed
    • Receive packing assistance
    • Weather day seminars on packing, spotting, canopy control and gear maintenance planned
    Blast is a category of 4-way competition that has been simplified and is aimed at newer skydivers, or skydivers new to 4-way and competition in general. The NSW State Championships and Australian National Championships includes the Blast category. This training camp is a great opportunity to meet prospective teammates and maybe get involved in a competition.
    This camp is limited to just 12 participants, so register now to avoid missing out!
    Click here to register
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    • 19 June 2019 Until 25 June 2019
      Our course is the most thorough “modern” & relevantfreefall instructor-training program. Our Freefall Instructor Course is an all-inclusive course requiring no pre-course.  SDU runs a simple to complex progression that trains you in clear steps to gain the tools of a professional freefall instructor. The course is 5 days plus two weather days. For more info: 386-801-8510
      Email Address Website
    • 19 June 2019 12:00 AM Until 25 June 2019 12:00 AM
      THE GREATEST FREEFALL GAME IN THE WORLD! Join us in this AFF Instructor Course at Skydive Chicago. Course Director: Rob Laidlaw, Skydive University. Candidate requirements: Must be over 18, must be a USPA member, hold a USPA Coach or Instructor rating from another discipline (IAD, SL, Tandem), USPA C-license, we can help with USPA License application if candidate has foreign license. A total of 6 hourse of freefall time. Logged. Hold a USPA Coach Rating for a year OR have more than 500 jumps Course Fees include a 5-7 day, 10 jump program. There is a $250 non-refundable deposit required to reserve a slot in the course. The deposit goes towards your Course Fee. To Register visit
      Email Address Website
    • 20 June 2019 Until 23 June 2019
      Tønsberg Fallskjermklubb

      Flyplassveien 6

      3170 Sem
      Email Address Website
    • 20 June 2019 Until 23 June 2019
      Email Address Website
    • 21 June 2019 12:00 PM Until 24 June 2019 12:00 AM
      Only 11 days to go until Summer Solstice Boogie at Skydive Tecumseh 2019.    There is going to be some epic jumping and of course partying. We have Freefly, Angle, Crew and RW organizing, formation loads, sunrise loads and two awesome aircraft to jump out of.    Saturday Evening will be our legendary Toga party with free Beer and Margerita.    If you haven't been out to our new facility yet you are going to be blown away. 11000sq ft of hangar space with dedicated sport packing area, debriefing screens galore and stunning bathrooms. Our campground is second to none with an amazing shower house and camping facilities. Camping for the boogie is FREE. We couldn't be more proud of what has been achieved over the past couple of years - it was only possible with our incredible staff and community members.    Register now to ensure a t shirt in your size and a slot at the barbecue.    Register here for Summer Solstice 2019     Can't wait to see you here.    The Skydive Tecumseh Crew Email Address Website
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