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    21 December 2019      04 January 2020

    The Christmas Boogie returns to Skydive Algarve! 21st December 2019 to 4th January 2020

    Jump from our fleet of DornierG92 aircraft. 15,000 ft all day long. Organised dinners and parties. Spend your holiday at Europe's most beautiful beach lined dropzone. Just 5 minutes from the beach and from the town of Alvor with lots of bars and restaurants.

    We will have amazing FS, FF and WS coaches lined up for you, so jump as much as you want and ring in the New Year in style.

    Keep following this page for all Christmas Boogie updates!

    See you at Skydive Algarve!

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    21 December 2019      22 December 2019


    Our Active Piloting canopy course teaches you to be a pilot, not a passenger. Experience every control input your canopy has to offer, and learn to fly where you want to go in a range of wind conditions. Try out precision turns and start playing with front risers up high to fully understand the speed your wing is capable of. Gain the tools to deal with difficult situations. We’ll even have you trying out some crosswind landings! Learn how to use your body position to control the canopy and keep you safer at the same time. Improve your flying more than you thought possible. You will leave a more capable and much more assertive canopy pilot. Fly with newfound confidence.

    • For pilots who want to:
    • Become a pilot, not a passenger
    • Deal with different wind conditions
    • Fly their canopy where they want to go
    • Learn precise and accurate inputs
    • Experiment with front risers up high
    • Learn to use harness inputs
    • Utilize their body position
    • Know how to prevent a low turn
    • Practice half-braked approaches
    • Land crosswind safely
    • Fly with confidence

    COACH: Bruno Geada
    Bruno Geada started skydiving in 1999 and began his professional skydiving career in 2004, since then has accumulated 5300+jumps.
    Canopy control has always been a big passion of his, so in 2013 he created the Fly Safe Canopy Control Courses for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced skydivers and in 2015 joined 'The Canopy School.' He's currently based in the Algarve, south of Portugal, where he works for Skydive Algarve as an Instructor and Canopy Coach.

    2 day course, 8 jumps included: 408.20€
    (non-refundable 75 € deposit to book)
    Combined The Canopy School 1.1 and 1.2 Courses
    5-6 hours
    Completed AFF and consolidation jumps

    To book your place, please go to the following link where you can book directly

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    21 December 2019 12:00 AM      31 December 2019 12:00 AM

    The best holiday boogie is back with all the popular events and more! DC-3 jumps, Hot-Air Balloon jumps, World-class organizers, Speed-Star competition, Film Festival, Bonfire, Casino night, New Years Eve party w/ DJ Jake and so much more! $45 registration includes T-shirts, discounted lift tickets and freebies. Come enjoy our on-site tunnel and ring in the New Year under the sunny skies of Arizona!

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    21 December 2019 08:00 AM      02 January 2020 11:00 PM

    Skydive Spain's annual Xmas boogie!

    Dornier G92 aircraft
    15,000 ft every load
    Daily Raffle giveaways
    Excellent load organisers
    Organised Xmas dinner & NYE party
    Daily videos

    Matty Mitchell
    Alethia Austin
    Jesse "Tex" Leos
    Rob Heron
    Regan Tetlow
    ---Camera and Video:
    Adrian Daszkowski

    To make your experience as awesome as possible we are restricting the number of participants, however we have 2x boogie packages available for purchase. You may buy both packages if you wish to jump throughout the entire boogie.

    The boogie dates are Saturday 21st Dec to Friday 3rd Jan.

    Package #1 50,00€ per person
    Jump in the periods 21st-24th Dec and 1st-3rd Jan (possible total 7 days)

    Package #2 100,00€ per person
    Jump in the period 25th - 31st December inclusive (7 days)

    English Language Registration here:

    *** Your registration is only complete after you have made your payment ***
    Please use this link to make your payment:


    ¡Ya viene el Christmas Boogie 2019!

    Aviones Dornier G92.
    4.600 metros de altitud en cada salto.
    Grandes load organizers.
    Sorteos diarios
    Cenas organizadas de Navidad y Nochevieja.

    --- Vuelo vertical:
    Dani Roman
    Matty Mitchell
    Alethia Austin
    Jesse "Tex" Leos
    --Traje con alas:
    Rob Heron
    ---Vuelo relativo:
    Regan Tetlow
    ---Camera & Video:
    Adrian Daszkowski

    Para que tu experiencia sea lo mejor posible, estamos restringiendo el número de participantes, sin embargo, tenemos 2 opciones de paquetes disponibles para la compra. Puedes comprar ambos paquetes si deseas saltar durante todo el Christmas Boogie.

    Las fechas del Christmas Boogie van desde el sábado 21 de diciembre hasta el viernes 3 de enero.

    Paquete # 1 50,00€ por persona
    Salta en los períodos del 21 al 24 de diciembre y del 1 al 3 de enero (posible total de 7 días)

    Paquete # 2 100,00€ por persona
    Salta en el período del 25 al 31 de diciembre inclusive (7 días)

    Link para la inscripción en español:

    *** Tu inscripción se completará después de haber realizado el pago ***
    Por favor utiliza este enlace para realizar tu pago

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    20 December 2019 01:30 PM      22 December 2019 11:00 PM

    Tandem Course - Sigma, Strong, & Wings
    Please visit for course information, a full course calendar and online registration. Questions? Send a message to [email protected] or text/call to 813-312-5651 We use WhatsApp for foreign skydivers(0018133125651) Thanks and Blue Skies! SkydiveRatings is Bram Clement's instructional rating school

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  • Upcoming Events

    • 12 July 2020 Until 12 October 2020
      SkyonStage is an artistic skydiving game involving 5 different contests:
      Freefly/Freestyle 2 way (one performer one cameraflyer)
      Freefly/Skydance 3 way (two performers one cameraflyer)
      Freefly/Skydance 5 way (four performers one cameraflyer)
      Wingsuit acro 3 way (2 performers one cameraflyer)
      Skysurf (one performer one cameraflyer)
      One jump only. One Free Routine. Create your contest jump at any DZ of your choice. Mixed nationalities welcomed. Enter one contest only or all of them. Register your Teams within October the 12th 2020 and send your final choreography within December 1st 2020. Any of your training jumps that cover the video requirements (check Rule Book on the website) could be used later on as the contest routine, so if you like, you can start  creating your possible routine jump now and register later.
      Awards and medals for the winning teams. Special award for the competitor who entered most of the games and placed best Overall.
      10 Best choreographies per contest will be published on skyonstage website. All video routines will be pubblished on related skyonstage youtube and vimeo channel. Form your teams, have fun in creating a choreography, send your video
    • 09 October 2020 01:00 PM Until 10:30 PM
      Skydive Ratings - the #1 Rated School in the World - Bram Clement's Instructional Rating School.
      Please visit for course information, a full course calendar and online registration. Questions? Send a message to [email protected] or text/call to 813-312-5651. We also have WhatsApp available for foreign skydivers(0018133125651) Thank You and Blue Skies!!
    • 10 October 2020 Until 11 October 2020
      Welcome to Trackdayz at Skydive Algarve! 

      Awesome tracking event in the Algarve. Join us to learn and sharpen your tracking skills and to be a part of epic tracking jumps by the sea.

      Two full days of action packed tracking jumps organised by a top FF load organiser.

      What to expect:

      We separate the groups based on number of participants and skill level to be sure the groups fly safely.

      Every level is welcome as long as you meet the qualifications below. The LO will be leading you on tracking jumps, focusing on improving your skills and having a blast doing it.

      REGISTRATION: 15 € per person per day.
      QUALIFICATIONS: 200 jump minimum and group tracking experience.
      If you have less than 200 jumps and wish to improve, we have 1-on-1 coaching available.

      Minimum: 6x participants

      Contact us for more details and to book your slot! [email protected]
    • 10 October 2020 12:30 PM Until 12 October 2020 10:30 PM
      Skydive Ratings - the #1 Rated School in the World - Bram Clement's Instructional Rating School.
      Please visit for course information, a full course calendar and online registration. Questions? Send a message to [email protected] or text/call to 813-312-5651. We also have WhatsApp available for foreign skydivers(0018133125651) Thank You and Blue Skies!!
    • 12 October 2020 Until 16 October 2020
      Get ready to level up your freefly skills at Skydive Algarve's new freefly school: Level Up!

      Join us for Level Up Freefly Week - a week of intense freefly coaching and load organising with a top FF LO and more!

      During this week, you can book the LO for coaching 1 on 1, join a group he's load organising, or book him for the full day for yourself, or split the cost amongst friends.

      To book, simply email [email protected] or book directly at the DZ office, providing the following info:

      Name of jumper(s)
      Type of coaching required (e.g. full day coaching; 3x coaching jumps 1-1; group of 3 jumpers booking coach for the day)

      If you want to make a group to hire a coach for the day but are not sure your level is good enough, you must clear this with the coaches directly at the DZ and then book the coaching accordingly.

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