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A Packing List For The Boogie-Bound

By nettenetteon - Read 8173 times

Exits at the Baltic Boogie 2015

Image by Konwent Photography

There are a number of ways to kneecap a boogie, and they often have something to do with your gear bag: a forgotten helmet that lands you in a beat-up student ProTec all week; a forgotten suit that leaves you slippery and gripless; the dreaded out-of-date repack card.

When you’re gathering up everything you need for a week of rapid-fire skyjumpin’ in a far-off location, it’s easy to forget a (key) detail here and there. Maybe this--my personal packing checklist--might help.*

The Basics

Suit(s) (wingsuit/tracking suit/belly suit/tunnel suit/freefly suit/sit suit/dinosaur onesie/all of the above)
Your preferred skydiving kicks
Your credit card (and a healthy sense of realism about how thoroughly it’s about to be abused)


In-date parachute association license

In-date reserve repack card

AAD air travel card (like the one, from Cypres, or this one, from Vigil) so you aren’t caught off guard at any check-in you may pass through during your skydiving career

Rig Protection

Packing mat/drag mat: preferably, with a sun cover, riser holders and at least one pocket (If your mat doesn't have a sun cover, bring an old towel to cover your gear during any short moments you need to leave it in the sun.) Bonus points if you sew your own. Extra bonus points if you sew me one.

A sturdy, high-quality suit hanger with molded shoulders (to hang up your suit(s) well away from the dirty hangar floor)


Several pull-up cords (or your trusty power tool)

Leatherman, Swiss Army knife or other sturdy multi-tool

Line routing card

Hemostat or tweezers (for those moments when your fingers are just too big for the job)

Replacement Materials

Extra closing loops

Rubber bands, both large and small (or Tube Stoes, if that’s your jam)

Any special batteries you might need for your doodads

Logging and Note-Taking Materials

Logbook. (If you don't keep a digital version, keep the paper book in a Ziploc bag because--let’s be real--you always spill either coffee or beer on that thing.)

Ballpoint pen



Notepad (for sharing information with other skydivers, such as phone numbers and scrawled threats)

Labeling tape (to mark everything with your identifying information)

Camera Stuff

* Note: Obviously, serious, like, aerial cinematographers have a much more nuanced kit than this. This is a starting point. Label everything.

Camera. Or, y’know, cameras...but try not to cover the entire surface area of your body with ‘em.

Waterproof case

Non-waterproof case (for dry situations where you prefer better sound over better equipment security)


Mount wrench

Sync/charge cable

Microfiber lens cleaning cloth and solution

Extra SD cards, labeled clearly with identifying numbers (those little SD card wallets are nice)



Non-perishable "emergency" snacks

A water bottle (or rollable Platypus bottle) with flavor packets, teabags or whatever else entices you into actually sucking on the thing at regular intervals

UV-protective sunglasses



Clean sweat rag

Ponytail holders

Rehydration packets (because that beer truck may well sneak up on your blind side)

Additional Tips

Label everything. Lots of skydivers on the DZ will have exactly the same items that you do in their packing kit for skydiving, from closing tools to helmets. If unlabeled items go missing from your kit, it’s likely not an issue of dishonesty -- just mistaken identity. Labeling often solves the problem before it arises.

Keep it clean and organized. Keep like with like in separate bags within the larger gear bag, and keep everything protected from dust, dampness, dirt and sun. Make it easy to find every individual item, and you’ll save hours of time in the long run.

Get an idea for what your access to the facilities is going to look like at the boogie.

We’re talking cooking; laundry; showers. If you’ll need to carry in coins for showers and laundry--or if you’ll have to pre-buy something like laundry soap before you drive out into the hinterlands, or something along those lines--you’ll be glad you knew about it and planned accordingly.

Ask around about the experience you can expect at the boogie you’re planning to attend. Skydivers who have been there before will be glad to run down the highlights and challenges for you. Even better: you might end up convincing them to join you for a reprise.

*If you have additions to this list, by all means PM me!


About The Author

Annette O'Neil is a copywriter, travel journalist and commercial producer who sometimes pretends to live in Salt Lake City. When she's not messing around with her prodigious nylon collection, she's hurtling through the canyons on her Ninja, flopping around on a yoga mat or baking vegan cupcakes.


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User Feedback

Good point about pull-up cords and rubber bands. I always stuff a few spares in a pocket on my rig and keep the rest in a pocket on my gear bag.
For something as important as pull-up cords: 1 = none. So carry two or three of the most important items.
Speaking of important items, we return to the subject of rubbers. Carry a few spares with your sleeping bag.

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Thanks for all the articles Annette, its been nice to have these to read, aside from them all being great !

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you forgot an extra pair of shoes!

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and Condoms!

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as Vader said, condoms. These things aways come in handy. Having condoms got me to fly and to jump from a Bücker Jungmann biplane, it had a missing seal ring on the fuel cap, and the pilot (who shall remain unnamed) replaced it temporarily with my condom....

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Love the "label" thing. I have return address stickers stuck on just about every piece of camera equipment and my altimeter. With so much look-alike equipment at the DZ it's been a huge help to me.
And for traveling TMs, don't forget your Class III medical card.

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