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Worlds Longest Touchdown Catch (VIDEO)

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Just before the Super Bowl 50 yesterday, an ad was aired on CBS that no doubt had a lot of skydivers sitting back going "Hell yeah". For those that jump, and happen to be a fan of football, the two and a half minute video was a hybrid of awesomeness. As 7 skydivers (Marshall Miller, Steve Curtis, Jesse Hall, Travis Fienhage, Jonathon Curtis, Chris Argyle, Mike Chapman) in full football gear begin a game at altitude.

Using people jumping out of planes to sell products is nothing new, but this project seemed distant from the generic mid-air product placement. Instead, we got to see what it would be like if a group of skydivers exited the plane and engaged in a game of in-flight football.

The cinematography was excellent and it's not too often we get to see aerial footage shot using the illustrious Red Dragon, filming at 6k.

"A huge thanks to Pepsi and Papa John’s for supporting us in creating this epic moment!

A huge thanks to the Whistle Sports team for all their support on this project. Whistle Sports is made up of sports creators, brands, leagues, teams, events and athletes who make content for the new generation of fans.

Music is called 'The Darkness (Remix)' by Built By Titan.

Film by Devin Graham and Tyson Henderson

Produced by Carter Hogan

Edit by Tyson Henderson using Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Sound Design by Dan Pugsley

Aerial Cinematographer: Jon Devore

Super thanks to Temp Media for providing the amazing aerials with the C-130. They were all captured on the Red Dragon in 6K with the Shotover.

If anyone is interesting in aerial services they can go to our website www.temptmediafilms.com

Skydive Team - These guys are AMAZING athletes and were complete ninjas in the sky!

Marshall Miller

Steve Curtis

Jesse Hall

Travis Fienhage

Jonathon Curtis

Chris Argyle"

A behind the scenes video was also made available on youtube, and can be watched below...



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thats crazy

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